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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 125 Number 2, Spring 2017

In the Spring 2017 issue, find poetry by Jennifer Habel, Kaveh Akbar, Mary Ruefle, and John Randolph Carter; nonfiction by Merritt Moseley, Roger D. Hodge, John Jeremiah Sullivan, John Psaropoulos, and Hannah Pittard; and fiction by Erin McGraw, Mónica Lavín, Tom Franklin, and Jen Logan Meyer. Plus “Only Connect” by Alice McDermott in Craft Lecture.

In the Summer 2017 issue, find work from the current exhibition: Still Point IX. In Art Portfolios: Judy Munro, Louise Parms, Michael Page Miller, and Ellen McMahill. Featured articles by Ann Copeland, Jan Shoemaker, Gail Tyson, Daniel Buccieri, Roy Money, Irene Naested, and Terry Sanville. Columns by Vincent Louise Carrella, Peter Azrak, and Leslie Ihde.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 60 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2017

What makes a home? How do we find—and adapt to—new homes? When is leaving home a choice, and when is it an exile? How do we make a place—a house, a country, a continent—into a home? In this issue, Leaving Home, Finding Home, eighty-one writers hailing from dozens of countries and backgrounds explore these questions and more. They offer poems, stories, and creative nonfiction about home through the eyes of immigrants, refugees, and Third Culture Kids, and from the perspective of those leaving or finding their homes because of lose or disaster, age or adventure.

The Spring 2017 issue features an interview with Tim Clancy by Thomas Christensen, and an interview with George Saunders by Dan White. In translation: Ruxandra Cesereanu, Saskia Stehouwer, and Yudit Shahar. Poetry by Alan Feldman, KC Fitzgerlad, Mary Winegarden, Alice Derry, and more; fiction by Alexander Barry, Don Skiles, Mark Zipoli, John Chandler; and nonfiction by Michele Bigley, Bruce Wiley, John Moir, Jim Ringley, and more. Plus, art by Brian Rounds, Barbara Argento Dennig, Matt Bult, Matthew Zefeldt, Bridgit Henry, Diane Pieri, and more.

In the Spring 2017 issue, find fiction by Lucas Church, Patrick Parks, and Jordan Rossen; poetry by Rob Cook, Kayvan Tahmasebian, Laura Randall Wilson, and Abdourahman Waberi; and nonfiction by T. Geronimo Johnson, Anya Liftig, Martha Polk, Jim Ringley, Jonathan Starke, and Jennifer Watkins. Plus, an art feature by Maurizio Anzeri and the Lamar York Prize Winners: Vince Granata in nonfiction and Carol LaHines in fiction.

The May 2017 edition of Hermeneutic Chaos features poetry and prose by Nin Andrews, Mahtem Shiferraw, Leslie Contreras Schwartz, Adam Scheffler, Kathleen Radigan, Mia Kang, Siaara Freeman, Madeleine Wattenberg, Jessica Lynn Suchon, Jane Craven, Margo Berdeshevsky, Bayleigh Fraser, Yuri Han, Stephanie Tom, Nancy Au, Elizabeth Morton, Tiah Tulic, Maggie Fern, Ariel Zedric and Valerie Wu.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 8, June 2017

In True Story #8, “Rendezvous,” writer Renée Branum discovers that growing up encamped at an 18th century French fort isn’t easy. For a teenaged historical reenactor, costumes and customs blur the already confusing lines between past and present, and between make-believe and reality.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 85, 2017

In this issue, find poetry by Matt Morton, Philip Fried, Sydney Lea, Kaveh Akbar, Rosalie Moffett, Mary Buchinger, and more; fiction by Evanthia Bromiley, Marjorie Sandor, Harold Schweizer, Courtney Sender, Kirstin Allio, Stephen Dixon, Lynne Sharon Schwartz; and nonfiction by Joe Walpole, Qais Akbar Omar, Nin Andrews, Susan Bernofsky, and more. Plus, our art feature: Olalekan Jeyifous.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 55, May 2017 online

Our May 2017 issue features outstanding new nonfiction from Rebecca McClanahan, Sarah Carson, Karen Babine, Amy Butcher, Brian Trapp, Stephen J. West, John Rybicki, Donna Steiner, Kate Martin Rowe, Charlotte Pence, Ashlyn Mooney, Rachel Palmer, Maya Klein, Margaret MacInnis, and Georgie Hunt. Original artwork by Heather Kresge. In our craft section, Peggy Shumaker reminds us that language must come alive before our written lives become interesting to others, Judith Padow examines the use of fictional “imagining” in nonfiction, and Jeanette Luise Eberhardy explores connections between visual artists and writing flash essays.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 198, Winter 2017

Featuring the stark, arresting photography of Kathleen Galvin, this issue includes work by Sidney Wade, Daniel Bourne, Juliette Parlette-Carino, Jessica Hollander, Michael Biehl, Miriam Cohen, and Ryan Habermeyer. Celebrate Cimarron Review's golden jubilee with this issue along with the upcoming anniversary issue.

Creative Nonfiction #63: “How We Teach,” reaches far beyond the traditional classroom. Contributors travel to the kitchen, to rehab centers, to the dentist’s office, and as far as Saudi Arabia in these stories about making a meaningful impact. Plus, immersion artist Ted Conover on the importance of talking with people on the other side of the political divide; Sheryl St. Germain’s argument for broadening the scope of the creative writing MFA; teaching writing in twenty minutes a day; tiny truths; and more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 271, Spring 2017

This issue features the winners of The Fiddlehead’s 26th annual literary contest! Dominique Bernier-Cormier won the Ralph Gustafson Prize for Best Poem and Kate Finegan received the Short Fiction Prize. The honourable mentions went to Tammy Armstrong and Kim Trainor (poetry) and Steven Benstead and Ann Cavlovic (short fiction). There’s a special section on the 2016 International Griffin Poetry Prize winner Norman Dubie, containing five new poems along with a curated selection of earlier works, and new work from Shane Goth, Barry Dempster, and Heather Cadsby among others. The cover is from Eric Budovitch’s “Echo” (from his Moving Day Series).

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 18 Number 2, Spring 2017

In the Spring 2017 issue of River Teeth, read nonfiction by Zachary Gerberick, Lauren Hobson, Julie Marie Wade & Brenda Miller, Michael Downs, E.A. Farro, Thomas Larson, Andre Dubus III, Amanda Bestor-Siegal, Kerry Muir, Reg Darling, Krista Christensen, and Brian Castner.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date 2017

Now in our 41st year, the poems in RHINO 2017 reflect the uncertain times in which we live: Casey Thayer, Lee Sharkey, Eric Pankey, Silvia Bonilla, Abigail Beckel, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, David Welch, Jason Joyce, Lola Haskins, Joe Jiménez, Robert Thomas, John Allen Taylor, Yudit Shahar, and Jennifer Moss. Editors’ Prize winners are in this issue: Andrés Cerpa, Alix Anne Shaw, Robbie Pock, and Milorad Pejić, as well as Founders’ Prize winners Kevin Simmonds, Willie James, and Tim Wood.

The Summer 2017 issue of World Literature Today is bursting at the seams with 120 pages of poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, and book reviews from all over the world, including our annual summer reading recommendations. Contemporary Native American writers take special prominence in a feature section, guest-edited by Jeanetta Calhoun Mish. Other highlights include poetry and fiction from Israel and Denmark, an essay on the “cosmopolitan ghazal,” and a conversation with poet and translator Hélène Cardona. A special survey also gives readers the opportunity to tell us what they like most—and what they’d like to see changed—about WLT.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 40 Number 1, Spring 2017

“Turbulence” issue featuring the winners of the 2016 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize and work by Rajeev Valashubramanyam, Jason Brown, John J. Clayton, Edward Hamlin, Tyler Keevil, Jacqueline Kolosov, Kate McIntyre, Karen Skolfield, Nancy Takacs, Heather Treseler, Robert Wrigley, C Pam Zhang, and an interview with Andre Dubus III.

The Malahat Review’s Spring issue celebrates Open Season Award winners Genevieve Lehr (poetry), Rebecca Morris (fiction), and Matthew Hollett (creative nonfiction). Linger over Mehdi M. Kashani’s story set in Tehran, about infidelity and immigration to Vancouver; LaToya Watkins’ memoir about giving her son keys to the car in a racialized America; and Eve Joseph’s poetic take on photographer Diane Arbus. Move on to new work by Heather Cadsky, Bill Gaston, Christopher Levenson, Christine Lowther, and Sina Queyras, and by new voices Hannah Green, Joshua Levy, Jason Markowsky, and Emily Skov-Nielsen. Round off the day with reviews of current Canadian books.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 22 Number 2, Spring 2017

You’re riding through a rust bucket town with your windows down, the smell of manure and grass clippings, the sounds of children screaming, ATVs yawning. You think you’re trapped in an interdimensional rift, but learn it’s just the outskirts of suburbia. You start to panic at the prospect, then a sign up ahead relieves the stress: Main Street. You are home. All is well.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 47 Issue 1, Spring 2017

In this issue: Debbie Harry's first show in LA, a journey to Iceland, tooth extraction practices, John Hersey in Martha's Vineyard, communists, Greek beaches during the Syrian refugee crisis, the Siamese Twins, and the winners of the 2016 veterans' writing contest.

Issue 78 demonstrates how lively American poetry is with poems from expats, underground and aboveground poets, and prison poets. Find work by Jack Anderson, Holly Day, Shawna Ervin, Michael Fessler, Dan Grote, Matt McBride, Carlos Reyes, John Sibley Williams, and more. This issue also features reviews of important new books by five reviewers.


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