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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Fall 2017 online

Our Fall 2017 issue is here, with a cover by Sara Shields, and 24 poets, 38 poems, and 18 recordings for your viewing, reading, and listening pleasure: leaf kotasek, Dani Spinosa, Jasmine Sky, Andrew Warner, Elaine Woo, Brian Jerrold Koester, James Cagney, Emma Winsor Wood, Simon Perchik, Conyer Clayton, Sergio A. Ortiz, Elana Wolff, Tara Borin, Jocko Benoit, Jennifer van Alstyne, Dessa Bayrock, Sara Shields, Laura Yan, Natalie Crick, Savana Scott Leslie, Ben Gallagher, Lynne Viti, Christopher Levenson, Dominique Bernier-Cormier, and Erin Krish.

In our second issue, find lyric essays by Cleo Aukland, Rosemarie Dombrowski, Robert Vivan, Abby Pullen, Lena Ziegler, Joseph Reich, Joshua Hun Baker, and Mary Pacific Curtis.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 4 Number 4, Fall 2017 online

The Fall 2017 issue features poetry by RE Wilson, Marilee Richards, Roseanna Boswell, Cynthia Bargar, Adele Wegner, Laura Beasley, David C. Hall, Tamara Hart, Brendan Constantine, and Jiesha Stephens; fiction by Rick Krizman and Robert Fromberg; and visual art by Don Swartzentruber, Mizuki Nishiyama, and Shushanik Karapetyan, plus, interviews with the artists and writers.

The Autumn issue features paintings by Bo Bartlett, fiction by Allison Field Bell, Claire Davis, S. P. Tenhoff, and Tim Griffith, essays by Marilyn Abildskov, Renee Branum, and Alexis Lathem, and poetry by Karin Gottshall, Esteban Rodriguez, Sally Rosen Kindred, Emily Blair, Christian Wessels, J. Allyn Rosser, Eric Pankey, Jay Leeming, Rodney Gomez, William Trowbridge, Dean Rader, and Philip Schultz.

In this year’s back-to-school issue, we’ve got more lessons than you can imagine, histories you’ve always sensed but never had a chance to hear. Art by Ayana V Jackson. Poetry by Joan Houlihan & Carl Phillips. Fiction by Miljenko Jergovic & Menekse Toprak. Essays by Ivan M. Havel & Alicia Ostriker.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 75, October 2017 online

This month’s featured selection: “Contemporary Faroese and Danish Poetry,” introduced by Randi Ward, includes work by Daniella Louisa Andreasen, Marianne Koluda Hansen, Sissal Kampmann, Benny Andersen, Oddfríður Marni Rasmussen, Tove Meyer, Guðrið Helmsdal, Niels Lyngsø, Tóroddur Poulsen, Yahya Hassan, and Vónbjørt Vang. Adam Tavel reviews Light into Bodies by Nancy Chen Long, and Michael Gregory Stephens comments on “Angels on Second Avenue: The Lower East Side When Poetry Was the World.” Poetry this month features William Trowbridge, Sydney Lea, Ruy Belo, Eric Pankey, DeWitt Henry, Diann Blakely, and more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 211 Number 1, October 2017

The October 2017 issue features poems by Carl Phillips, Jorie Graham, Harmony Holiday, Karen An-Hwei Lee and many other great poets writing today. A special “The View From Here” section, an occasional feature in which people from various fields comment on their experience of poetry, includes Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked, which was made into a musical of the same name.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 91 Number 3, Fall 2017

Our Fall issue includes the tender yet intense poetry of the late Fadwa Soleiman, translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Hacker, alongside two-time NEA fellowship recipient Donald Platt and José Angel Araguz, a CantoMundo fellow and author of six chapbooks and two collections. Our prose offerings include the beautifully hewn essay “The Shape of My Mother’s Body" by Melissa R. Sipin and "Public Swim" by Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, as well as fiction from Brazilian author Avital Gad-Cykman and Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark, a Steinbeck fellow. All this and more from many more writers, both new and familiar.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 44, Fall 2017

The small, ordinary moments are the measure of our lives—the choices we make to grow our worlds or to contract them. In Issue No. 44: Small, we’re exploring what happens when we choose smallness over largeness. The stories, poems, and artwork all hold up those tiny fragments of time, turning them over and noticing how they burn brightly in the stories of our lives. Featuring poetry from Raven Leilani and Dave Harrity; visual art from Patrice Sullivan; and the 2017 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize recipients April Vazquez, Andrew McCuaig, and Monica Jimenez—awarded by judge LaToya Watkins.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 29 Number 3, Autumn 2017

Sometimes a confused writer asks, “What do you mean by that theme?” The answer is always, “We don’t know. What do you think it means?” THEMA’s themes are vague on purpose. Does “The Missing Letters” refer to correspondence in envelopes? Is it letters of the alphabet that have gone astray? Or something else? All of the above, from the shockingly misinterpreted spelling in Andrew M. Seddon’s “The Man Who Collected Gods,” to a curious revelation in a haunting crossword puzzle in Denise Heinze’s “The Grid,” to John Grey’s poem, “A_DY’S DI_ER.” Something's missing!

Celebrating six years, Issue 25 of Under the Gum Tree features work by Deborah Meltvedt, Jennifer Cross, Lisa Roylance, Leslie Jill Patterson, Daniel Blokh, Arielle Silver, Christopher L. Morrow, Laura Grace Weldon, Rebecca Fish Ewan, and Jacqueline Doyle, with art by Michael Joseph and cover artist Adrian Hartfield.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 10, October 2017 online

Issue 10 of wildness features poetry from Cynthia Manick, Eric Pankey, Elizabeth Scanlon, Clint Smith, and others, as well as fiction and nonfiction from Janice Lee and David Rompf, and an interview with Inua Ellams.

BLR's latest issue, on the theme of "Finding Home: Family & Connections," features essays by KJ Dell'Antonia, who describes her years reading family stories—both tragic and prosaic—for the Motherlode blog of the New York Times, and Perri Klass, who explores the role reversals that doctors experience when they become the hovering family member of a patient.  Other talented authors include Ann Russell and Stephanie Wrobel, both of whom count this issue as their first story publication; Rachel Hadas, who contributes a book review: "What Good Will This Knowledge Do You? Four Poets on Illness"; and poet Ted Kooser.

New, brilliant flash fiction by Tim Love, Russell Reece, Rosemary Jones, Colin Watts, Dan Nielsen, Salvatore Difalco, Spencer K.M. Brown, Louise Mangos, Sarah Clayville, Ingrid Anders, Karen Heslop, Charles Rammelkamp, Fred Vogel, Paul Gray, Lori Cramer, and KJ Hannah Greenberg.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 19 Issue 3, Fall 2017

The Fall 2017 first line is "Frank Rooney had been the manager of the Shop & Save for thirty-eight years, and he wasn't retiring anytime soon." See how Eric Appleton, Karen Collier, A. J. Howells, Akshat Jain, Chip Jett, Cassandra Kyriazis, and James Rogers all start the same, but take their stories in completely different directions.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date September 2017 online

Our September issue is now online featuring short fiction, a memoir and poetry from Jhon Sánchez, Trevor Wadlow, Steve Silver, Dennis Goza, Vicky Santiesteban, Sam Levy, Suzanne O'Connell and Liliana Austin. From the archives: "Swagger (God hollas at Mary)," an electric poem by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers.

In our first ever print issue, find a selection of writing by Jenny Montgomery, Cornelia Hoogland, Bradley Necyk, Tamar Rubin, Jeff Ewing, Margaret Nowaczyk, Archie Zhang, Monica Kidd, Shane Neilson, Katie L. Price, Derek Beaulieu, John Barton, Marc di Saverio, James Puntillo, J.T.H. Connor, Phillip Crymble, and Jennifer Zilm. Plus, artwork from Elaine Whittaker, Catherine Heard, Theresa Orsini, Richard Hovey. Special inserts by David Forsee and Janis Crowe. 

Issue 25 features Montana artist Crista Ames, new essays by Russell Rowland, Lisa Laughlin, Anna Maria Spagna, and Margot Kahn. New fiction from Jen Jackson Quintano, M Cid D’Angelo, David Hagerty, and Shelly Catterson. And new poetry by Emily Strauss, Kathryn Bold, and Tami Haaland.

In this issue, find work by Darren C. Demaree, Phil Carney, E. Hughes, Tamar Shahar, Mridul Kanti Goshami, Lisa Napolitan, Abby Schiano, Lauren S. Marcus, A.M. Arndt, Padraig Parkhurst, Mike Fox, Rito Melo, Dante Modaffari, Donna-Claire Chesman, Julie Soboleva, and more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date October 2017 online

The October issue of The Lake is now online featuring Joe Balaz, Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto, Susan Sweetland Garay, Maximilian Heinegg, Deirdre Hines, Devon Marsh, Paul McDonald, Richard Merelman, Gillian Prew, Jill Talbot, Sarah White. Reviews of Angela Topping’s The Five Petals of Elderflower and Sarah White’s to one who bends my time.


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