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Magazine Stand :: The Malahat Review – Issue 218

The Malahat Review Issue 218 literary magazine cover image

The newest issue of The Malahat Review features their Open Season Award Winners, which includes both their works as well as an interview with each Kaitlin Debicki (poetry), Sara Mang (fiction), and Bahar Orang (nonfiction) – all winning works and interviews can be read online. The rest of the issue is chock full of great works, with Poetry by Ronna Bloom, Laura Cok, Francesca Schulz-Bianco, Carolyn Smart, Joan Rivard (online and includes an interview), T. Liem, Katherine Alexandra Harvey, Jamie Evan Kitts, Bill Howell, Aaron Tucker, Steve Noyes, Eric Wang, Domenica Martinello, Judith Taylor; Fiction by Suzannah Windsor, Jeff Noh, Jaime Burnet; and Creative Nonfiction by Kate Gies, Shauna Andrews, Ellise Ramos (online and includes an interview), and Ian Clay Sewall. Cover art by Emily Hermant.

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