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This fall/winter double issue of The Chattahoochee Review has a special focus on skin. It features work by Ann Hood, Paul Hostovsky, Luis Jaramillo, Angela Morales, David James Poissant, Nathan Poole, Seth Brady Tucker, Edmund White, and many more.
This issue (v4n2) of CLT celebrates the modern Chinese short story. Our special section highlights the work of four authors well known for their short fiction: Ai Wei, Fan Xiaoqing, Dong Xi, and Li Shijiang. Our featured poet is Chi Lingyun, a powerful feminist voice known for drawing on both modern scenes and her rural upbringing. Wolfgang Kubin, our featured scholar, is Europe’s most prolific translator of Chinese literature, having translated more than one hundred volumes. Yet over the last decade, Kubin’s polarizing criticism of contemporary Chinese fiction has become a central topic of debate in Chinese literary circles.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 20 online
We are excited to release Drunken Boat #20! In addition to our regular features on Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Reviews and Translation, we also have three special folios: one on Digital Poetry that explores the relationship between writing and technology as well as intertexuality; another on Poetry Comix & Animation focuses the visual implications of image and text; and the final on the Affrilachian Arts movement. So grab a cup of coffee, make sure the volume on your computer is on, and have a look!
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 33, Winter 2014-15
This issue of Ruminate explores Artist as Seer with fiction from Jaren Watson; nonfiction by Sophfronia Scott; Visual Art by Hilary White, Aaron Lee Benson, and Lisa Discepoli Line; a review by Kyli Sterling Larsen; and poetry by Emily Rose Cole, Charity Gingerich, J. Scott Brownlee, Amy Woschek Schmidt, Kim Garcia, Berwyn Moore, Kathleen Markowitz, Carolyn Moore, Carolyn Oxley, James Dickson, Kimberly Burwick, Luke Hankins, Elizabeth Chao, Kimberly Ann Priest, Jessica Thompson, and Abigail Carroll.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date December 2014 online
Welcome to the December 2014 issue of decomP! Our latest issue features new work by Yennie Cheung, Jackson Culpepper, Scott Daughtridge, Darren C. Demaree, Grant Faulkner, Ori Fienberg, Sara J. Frantz, Kasey Johnson, Matthew Lykins, Karolina Manko, Edward Manzi, Melissa Ostrom, April Salzano, and Rachel Logan Snyder. Our resident critic, Spencer Dew, reviews Joshua Corey's Beautiful Soul: An American Elegy, Laura Ellen Joyce's The Luminol Reels, and Frank Smith's Guantanamo, translated by Vanessa Place. Additionally, a hearty congratulations to our 2014 Pushcart Prize nominees: Kevin Casey, Sophia Holtz, Raul Palma, Sarah Pape, Caleb Tankersley, and Marcelle Thiebaux.
This issue features a graphic narrative by Heinz Insu Fenkl; pinhole photography by R.C. Barajas; digital photography by Julianna Foster; paintings by Mimi Oritsky; short stories by Emilia Rodriguez; Annika Neklason, Alina Grabovski, Becky Tuch, Sanaë Lemoine, Charles Ramsay McCrory, David Hallock Sanders, Emanuel Melo, and John Shea; poetry by Harmony Button, Amanda Silberling, Robert Lunday, Julia BlochF. J. Bergmann, Gabrielle Campagnano, Jesse Castaldi Keen, John Middlebrook, John Goodhue, Page Riehl, and Samantha Barrow; and flash by GennaRose Nethercott, Chris Vola, Charlie Keys Bohem, Heather Bourbeau, Ingrid Claire Wenzler, Jason Newport, Melissa Ostrom, Neil Boyack, Nick Kolakowski, Paul Enea, Ron Burch, and William Alton; and essays by William Bradley, Angelique Stevens, Colleen Davis, Andrea Jarrell, Sharon White, and J. J. Anselmi!
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 14, Winter 2014 online
The new issue of The Boiler features new poetry from K.T. Billey, Lauren Camp, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Alex Lemon, Matt W. Miller, Greg Solano, and more. Also, new work from emerging writers Kallie Falandays, Jane Huffman, Beth Bretl,and Zach VandeZande.
Green Mountains Review is proud to announce the publication of our newest issue. Featuring work by: Heather Altfeld, Nin Andrews, Pamela Balluck, Sarah Barber, Michael Bazzett, Emily Bernard, Mary Biddinger, C. Stark Biddle, Daniel Coudriet, Caleb Curtiss, Olena Kalytiak Davis, Sharon Dolin, Will Donnelly, Nancy Dwyer, Geoffrey Hereen, Didi Jackson, J. Chester Johnson, Steve Langan, Kateri Lanthier, John Lundberg, Meg Kearney, Stephen Kiernan, Caitlin Maling, Robin McCarthy, Gary L. McDowell, Kyle C. Mellen, Kelly Michels, Marcus Pactor, Emilia Phillips, Sean Prentiss, Christine Rhein, Maureen Seaton, Neil Shepard, Melissa Stein, Terrell Jamal Terry, Vickie Weaver, Emily Wilson, Lila Zemborain.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 47, 2014
The theme of Fugue Issue 47 is chaos. The issue includes poems from Matt Morton, Bradley Harrison, Tana Jean Welch, Sarah Sousa, Chloe Anne Campbell, Brianna Noll, Greg Jensen, Brad Johnson, Meg Scott Copses, Amanda Fuller, and June Melby. Prose in the issue includes nonfiction from Katherine E. Standefer, Megan Spiegel, and M. Goerig, and fiction from Ben Nickol and Colleen O’Brien. Also included: the winners of our 2014 poetry and prose contests: a poem by Judd Hess and fiction by Mark Baumgartner.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 28 Number 2, Fall 2014

Our latest issue features an interview with poet Juan Felipe Herrera from the 2014 Angelo State University Writers Conference, plus fiction by J.C. Dickey-Chasins, Bernie Hafeli, J.T. Ledbetter, Shelly K. Weathers, and Hannah Zaheer; nonfiction by Jennifer Clark and Tim Miller; poetry by, among many others, Jeffrey Alfier, C. Wade Bentley, Ace Boggess, J.V. Brummels, Mitchel Krockmalnik Grabois, Laurie Kolp, Ron McFarland, Ken Meisel, Susan Rooke, Judi Rypma, Matthew J. Spireng, Elizabeth Akin Stelling, Ron Wallace, Marilyn Westfall, and Clarence Wolfshohl; as well as a dozen book reviews.

This year's issue radiates around the idea of loss - featuring new poems by John Kinsella, Derek Sheffield, Wendy Videlock, Katrina Vandenberg and others. We, of course, have another installment of our yearly 4x4 feature, and the issue's cover features work by artist Michael Zigmond.
Stephen Burt examines Laurence Goldstein’s review of Los Angeles poetry, Andrew Bush delves into Nancy Willard and Eric Lindbloom’s The River that Runs Two Ways, Yoon Choi encounters her heritage, Rebecca McKanna loses her virginity, and John Felstiner remembers an elusive figure from his childhood. Fiction by Liliana Colanzi, Claudine Guertin, Toni Mirosevich, Valerie Miner. Poetry by Idris Anderson, Peter Blickle, Eduardo Chirinos, Peter Cooley, Haesong Kwon, Ben Landry, Jacqueline Osherow, Pireeni Sundaralingam, Arseny Tarkovsky, Eric Weinstein.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 40 Number 4, Winter 2014-15
This staff-edited issue of Ploughshares ranges from surreal humor—David Cameron's "Mannequin," about a life-size doll a man buys to use the HOV lane—to tragedy in Lisa Gruenberg's essay on her Viennese father and his family’s experience of the Holocaust. Sherrie Flick's Plan B essay looks at the joy and rage of gardening, and Nancy Kang and Silvio Torres-Saillant celebrate the Dominican-American poet Rhina P. Espaillat. The Winter issue also features poetry by Philip Levine, Sherod Santos, Nalini Jones, Laurie Sewall, and Gary Young; and the winners of the annual Emerging Writer's Contest.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 14, Winter 2014
The winter 2014 issue of Stone Voices features art by photographers Roy Money and Dennis Cordell; digital artist Susan Bloom; and painter Peggy Klineman. Writing is by Gail Tyson, Kay Merkel Boruff, Jacqueline Doyle, Frederic Smith, and Maureen Pilkington; poetry by Sidney Bending. Regular columnists are Peter Azrak, Vincent Louis Carrella, and Leslie Ihde. Connecting art and spirit.
The winter 2014 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly features work from the gallery's current exhibition, Blue: Color of the Clear Sky and the Deep Sea. The issue also features work by photographer Dave Clough and painters Zoey Frank and Arthur Kvarnstrom. Writing is by David Athey, Diana Crane, Michael Pikna, and James Silas Rogers; poetry by Aileen Bassis and Anthony Labriola. A beautiful publication. All about art.
This special issue of The Wallace Stevens Journal is devoted to Helen Vendler, studying her influence on Stevens studies over this half century and her continuing impact. It features tributes and essays by John N. Serio, Bonnie Costello, Minda Rae Amiran, John L. Koethe, and many more. Also included is poetry by Helen Ruggieri, Anita Durkin, Mike Barrett, David J. Rothman, and Linda Benninghoff.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 94, 2014
In Brick 94 you’ll find the latest from Russell Banks, Annie Proulx, Bill Gaston, Louise Erdrich, Brian Blanchfield, and Marni Jackson. Our Winter 2015 issue also features conversations with Jan Zwicky and Horacio Castellanos Moya, poetry by Michael Redhill, Jim Harrison, Barbara McLean, and Joshua Mensch, and a fiction feast with stories and excerpts from Ben Lerner and Antonio Tabbuchi, among others. Tobias Wenzel takes cemetery strolls with Ko Un, Cees Nooteboom, and Héctor Abad; Jessica Cox and Cameron Jackson translate Francis Ponge; and Patrick Leigh Fermor reads The Brothers Karamazov.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Winter 2015 online
Confines, Climate Change, and the Work that Culture Does: The Straddler's thirteenth issue, winter2015. On Silence, the Sacred, and a Lot of Bones Rattling: in Conversation with Peter Sellars. The Pageview Effect on Culture. Surviving Tiananmen, Envisioning Democracy: in Conversation with Yang Jianli. Digital Records of Incarceration: An Annotated Bibliography. On Vulnerability to Climate Change: in Conversation with Daniel Schensul. Poetry by Colin Dodds and Nels Hanson. "Long Island Richard," a Straddler Film.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 11, 2014
Chautauqua: Wonders of the World invites readers to pause a moment finding delight in the world, the unexpected in the ordinary, joy in sorrow, bitter in the sweet. How we view the world changes us. As Philip Gerard suggests in the introductory essay, "you have to open yourself to the world and let it amaze you." We hope you find wonder here as you spend time reading Todd Davis's poem, Susan Kushner Resnick's essay, Kelly Hammond's story—and all the other top notch work collected in this issue.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 8, Fall 2014
Issue 08 confronts readers with stories, poetry, essays, and images inspired by adventures and threats real, historical, and fantastical. Fiction: Jeff Jackson weaves a world of teenage angst and zombies, Nani Power envisions a life-changing disappearance in Acapulco, and Terese Svoboda imagines parched frontier life. Essays: Sarah Smarsh remembers her family's Kansas farm, and Ilan Stavans turns his critical attention towards the Old Testament. Poetry: Jonathan Moody writes to 2Pac, Tadeusz Dabrowski investigates the apparently ordinary, and Mary Jo Salter finds what's funny in Bratislava. Images: Brian Sholis considers the American West through Marilynne Robinson and photographs by Robert Adams.

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