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Iconoclast - 2006

I don’t know what mainstream literature is, but after reading Iconoclast #94, I know what it isn’t. “…whores never fare as well once the rumor gets around they thinking on starting a family. Customers tend to get nervous—and absent,” Laura Payne Butler writes in “Only Horses Run Wild in Clouds.” Alice has left her baby behind and collapsed on the shore of a swampy Florida river where she is found by her old friend, Booker, and they proceed to play games with the clouds. Poets, like Llyn Clague in “The Retiree,” exhibit unlikely characters as well. Other poems read like historical narratives of uncelebrated heroes, others are travelogues, like James Longstaff’s salute to Mother Russia in “Waking at the Waterline.” An alcoholic celebrates the destructive courtship of her disease despite running over a three-year-old child in “Tiger Burning Bright” by Arlene Sanders. B.B. Riefner’s story, “Slices from the Pie,” refers to the undeveloped deadly shores of the Mexican Pacific, where an expat warns surfing tourists of The Dead Zone; the only one to heed his warnings is a female assassin. Iconoclast is formatted simply, in stapled black and white pages that unfortunately have a series of typos. There is no editor’s note nor contributors’ page.
[Iconoclast, 1675 Amazon Rd, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547-1804. Copy price: $5]

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Review Posted on January 31, 2007

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