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Caketrain - Fall/Winter 2007

  • Issue Number: Issue 4
  • Published Date: Fall/Winter 2007
  • Publication Cycle: Annual+

Everyone loves cake, right? There’s nothing more satisfying than trying a new flavor of cake. It’s something sweet and different, bringing excitement to your mouth and soothing your anxious craving. Caketrain is like a bakery that’s open twenty-four hours to successfully serve even the pickiest of cake eaters. Or in this case, readers. The prose in this magazine is definitely something to dive into. Pedro Ponce’s “Fortune Fish” explores the life of a curious anti-social boy obsessed with Fortune Fish. The boy, due to peer pressure, turns his curiosity to sex and accidentally walks in on his parents. Moving down the train to the poetry, there’s something this magazine has done with its poetry that is excellent: allowed experimentation with format. There’s no blocky poem after blocky poem. For example, “Breach” by Ian Harris starts out with a bolded Day Two, followed by broken lines with various spaces and no punctuation. He continues with Day Three, and in Day Four only writes, “I cannot finish this story.” However, he finishes with Day Five. Overall, this magazine glows with experimental poetry and uncommon topics. The content has no boundaries, and it’s easy to tell that the authors were free to grasp whatever flavor they pleased. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the fresh language and recommend that everyone try a piece of the cake.

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Review Posted on April 30, 2007

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