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Magazine Stand :: The Main Street Rag – Spring 2024

The Main Street Rag Spring 2024 issue features an interview with Richard Allen Taylor by Jessica Hylton titled, “Letters to Karen Carpenter,” the same name given to a collection Taylor says “combines poems about the very public tragedy of Karen Carpenter’s life, death, and career with poems about my very private tragedy in losing my wife Julie to an acute form of Leukemia.”

The issue also features new “Stories & Such” by Jeff Burt, Nick Ekkizokloy, Dave Huffstetler, Pesach Rotem, Mark Williams; Poetry by Richard Allen Taylor, Virginia Aronson, Bob Caldwell, Lawrence Bridges, Cindy Buchanan, Chuck Carlise, Charles D. J. Case, Maureen Clark, Steve Cushman, Eugene Datta, M F Drummy, Leonore Hildebrandt, Joanne Esser, Arvilla Fee, Joseph Geskey, Lynnie Gobeille, Shelley Girdner, Lois Marie Harrod, Robert W. Hill, Linda Hughes, Mike James, Richard Kenefic, Luke Koesters, Ron Lauderbach, Thomas Long, Lisa Low, Ken Meisel, Marg Ryan, Abigail Michelini, Michael Minassian, Randy Minnich, David Newkirk, Camille Newsome, David Sapp, Claire Scott, George J. Searles, Phillip Sterling, Connie Soper, Diane Stone, Mark Strohschein, Mark Vogel, Buff Whitman-Bradley, and James Washington, Jr., as well as a deletion of book reviews. Cover photo by Tim Bascom.

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