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Witness the Witness Literary Award Winners

Witness - Spring 2020The Spring 2020 issue of Witness features the winners of their latest Witness Literary Awards.

Poetry Winner:
“Future Ruins” by Andrew Collard

Poetry Runner-up:
“You Will See It Coming & You Won’t Run” by Emmy Newman

Fiction Winner:
“Delivery” by Emily Greenberg

Poetry Runner-up:
“The Dramatic Haircut” by Kristina Ten

Nonfiction Winner:
“When a Child Offends” by Michele Sharpe

Nonfiction Runner-up:
“Ani-la and Anne-la: On Everything I Knew and Didn’t Know” by Anne Liu Kellor

Poetry was selected by Heather Lang-Cassera, fiction was selected by Kristen Arnett, and nonfiction was selected by José Roach-Orduña. The rest of the issue is “magic” themed, so grab a copy and discover the magic inside.

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