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Two Hawks Quarterly Spring 2021 Issue

Screenshot of Two Hawks Quarterly's Spring 2021 IssueTwo Hawks Quarterly publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, genre X, and art digitally twice a year. They feature work that is exquisitely crafted, takes chances, and has something original to say, and especially love fiction that reaches beyond the standard tropes and diverse voices.

The Spring 2021 issue features poetry by Gale Acuff, Beth Boylan, R. Bratten Weiss, Sandy Coomer, David Breeden, April Christiansen, Joshua Kulseth, John Leonard, Noël Bella Merriam, James Miller, John Morrison, Thomas Patterson, Claire Scott, Jacalyn Shelley, Debbie Trantow, and A.M. Wild.

In prose, we have creative nonfiction by Janelle Cordero, Gail Hosking, and Merve Oncu with fiction by Trevor Crown, Sam Nelson, and Greta Wu. You can also feast your eyes on the artwork of Brenda Azucena, Lisa Braden, Steven Ostrowski, Devin Schneider, and Merve Öncü.

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