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Shooter’s Animal Love Issue Helps Stray Dogs

little girl holding flowers out for a dog to smellShooter Literary Magazine‘s Animal Love issue seeks to help benefit stray dogs. The theme for this issue was set before editor Melanie White’s own dog was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. This issue has transformed into a tribute to him and 10% of profits from issue sales will go to benefit Spanish Stray Dogs UK, a charity working to rehome abused and abandoned dogs of Spain.

From the editor:

I hope, as you read the stories and poetry in this issue, that you enjoy the transporting levity and engaging provocation of a lot of the pieces. These are, to say the least, difficult and isolating times for most of us, and we might like to read lighter fare than usual as a result. You will find plenty of heartening, diverting and insightful work in these pages. Please go to the Subscriptions page to order a copy.

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