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No Shortage of Creativity in BWR

Black Warrior Review - Spring 2020There is no shortage of creativity in the Spring 2020 issue of Black Warrior Review. Paging through the issue, readers eyes are drawn to the variety of forms and use of images within the pages.

Amy Lee Scott’s “Field Guide to a Common Pregnancy: Notes on Loss and Growth” include field drawings by the author. Each section is introduced to a drawing of a different plant or fruit.

In “the magpie poem,” Jasmine Khaliq’s words come in small spurts across the poem’s seven pages.

“Composite Material // Spirit Willin” by Cherise Morris includes images—snapshots, Instagram posts, slideshow images from news articles, a photo of a framed photo. It’s so visually compelling, it’s difficult to skip by it.

This issue’s featured chapbook—Translator of Soliloquies: Fugues in the Key of Dissociation by Seo-Young Chu is also creatively formatted, each section broken up by a heading, a nice treat at the end of the issue.

If you want to take in some writing that’s out of the box alongside traditional forms, this refreshing issue of Black Warrior Review is a good place to start.

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