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Find Balance with Leaping Clear

Leaping Clear - Spring 2020Leaping Clear offers readers poetry, prose, and so much more.

In the current, Spring 2020 issue, readers can find “Reflections,” by Jon Tho, a light and flowing song on the piano; “Letter to My Mum” by Zangmo Alexander, a video made in response to Alexander’s mother questioning Alexander’s choice to become ordained as a Buddhist nun; mixed media with fabric art by Barbara Parmet; and poetry and prose by writers like Terri Maue, Christien Gholson, Mobi Warren, Stephanie Peek, and others.

The variety found in this issue is refreshing and keeps readers engaged. Now is a great time to check it out as a bit of an escape from what’s going on in the world around us. With calming music, engaging video, and more than a handful of traditionally written pieces, Leaping Clear gives readers a moment to find balance in their lives.

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