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2021 Poetry Marathon is Open!

Whether you can run a marathon doesn’t matter, since this marathon is about writing poetry! And while it’s all community and no competition, that doesn’t mean it’s “easy” to complete. To cross the finish line, participants must write one poem every hour for either 12 hours for one of the two half marathons or 24 hours for the full marathon. Prompts are provided but don’t need to be followed, and it is okay to ‘catch up’ if you can’t post on each hour, but there is no advance posting. Each participant posts their poems on a WordPress login within the group site and can read and respond to others’ poems.

This event is not for the flippant – “Oh yeah, maybe I will try it…” In order to register for the event, you must explain what you plan to do to ‘prepare’ yourself for the day. After several years of completing the half marathon, I have learned it works best to clear my schedule for the day, plan to only do work around the house, and check in at the top of every hour for the new prompt. Sometimes I can respond quickly, and other times, I need more think time, which means setting an alarm to remind myself to post before the hour is up. It is indeed a commitment, and can feel stressful and frustrating at times, but the sense of accomplishment is worth it – having a dozen or two new poems and interacting with about 500 other like-minded poetry lovers from around the globe!

Registration if free and open until June 19. The marathon takes place Saturday, June 26 starting at 9am in the morning. The half marathons run from 9am to 9pm or 9pm to 9am, and the full marathon runs from 9am Saturday until 9am Sunday.

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