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Published June 02, 2009
Edited by poet Anthony Kendrick, Puffin Circus is a new independent, semi-annual literary journal based in Somerset, Pennsylvania that prints poetry, art, short stories, essays, book reviews, and cartoons.

The first issue features poetry and prose by Joseph Reich, Kenneth Pobo, Michelle Danner, Laura Garrison, Hannah C. Langley, Barbara Crooker, James Rioux, Richard Fein, and Rudy Sturk, short stories by David Moyer and Wayne H. W. Wolfson, an essay by Francis Raven, creative nonfiction by Robyn Bolton, and art by Francis Raven, Paul Woods, and Tim Welch.

Submissions are being accepted for the second issue of Puffin Circus, and, as always, writers are encouraged to read a copy before deciding if their work is right for submission.
Published June 01, 2009
Pakistaniaat is a refereed, multidisciplinary, open-access academic journal offering a forum for a serious scholarly and creative engagement with various aspects of Pakistani history, culture, literature, and politics.

Articles in this first issue include “Introducing the Urdu Short Story in Translation” by Muhammad Umar Memon; “Community Learning Center Programs and Community Literacy Development in Asian and the Pacific Countries: Bangladesh, Iran, Vietnam and Pakistan as Case Studies” by Akbar Zolfaghari, Mohammad Shatar Sabran, and Ali Zolfaghari; “The Mediatization of Politics in Pakistan: A Structural Analysis” by Muhammad Atif Khan.

The publication also features book reviews, poetry and prose, translations, interviews, and Urdu works. All text is available online and can also be ordered in print copy.
Published May 19, 2009
Spring 2009 brings readers the premier annual issue of Arroyo Literary Review (v1n1) from the Department of English at California State University, East Bay. Editors Eric Neuenfeldt, John Gannon (designer) and Scott Goodenow, and advisors Susan Gubernat and Aaron Jason have put together a beautiful-to-touch-and-see publication with even more to read than can be imagined within its eighty-some pages.

This first issue includes an interview with and fiction by Eric Miles Williamson, a Cal State alum, fiction by Patrick Ryan, Richard Peabody, Sara McAulay, and Stephen D. Gutierrez, peotyr by Dan Bellm, Mark Svenvold, Jeremy Halinen, Ilyse Kusnetz, Patty Seyburn, Marvin Bell, Jan Heller Levi, Lucille Lang Day, Trebor Healey, and Nellie Hill, and cover art by James Jean and a unique threadwork portfolio by Lisa Solomon.
Published May 18, 2009
Founding Editor Valya Dudycz Lupescu and a crew of over two dozen editors and readers have brought forth the premier issue of Conclave: A Journal of Character, an annual print journal of character-focused writing and photography.

The first print issue, including some online content, features:

POETRY by: Jeffrey C. Alfier, Denise Duhamel, Michael S. Glaser, Randall Horton, Lawrence Kessenich, Claire Keyes, Christina Lovin, Mark Neely, Christina Pacosz, K.H. Solomon, Savannah Thorne, Jeffrey Warzecha, Amy Watkins, Andrea L. Watson, Kathleen Dusenbery, Michelle Menting;

NONFICTION by: Jill Christman, Richard Goodman, Lisa Van Orman Hadley, Tom Maremaa, Kendra Ann Thomas;

FICTION by: Kevin Brown, Louisa Howerow, Stephen Johnston, Amanda Leduc, Sarah Maloney, Tara L. Masih, Ryan B. Richey. Lori Romero, Lisa Carl, Christine Beth Reish, Richard Rutherford, Jeremy Adam Smith;

DRAMATIC EXCERPTS by Kathy Coudle King, Anne Phelan, Steven Shutzman;

PHOTOGRAPHY by: Stacey Debono, Michael Epps, Vinayak Garg, Beth Hommel, G
Published May 13, 2009
Editors David Bowen, Okla Elliott, Jared Schickling, and Art Consultant Dave Myers have unveiled MAYDAY Magazine, a biannual of nonfiction, microfiction, poetry, political/cultural commentary, translation, and visual art. An annual print edition will feature the best work published in the last two online issues as well as longer prose and other work more appropriate for a print medium.

The premier issue features work by writers and translators including David R. Slavitt, Abdellatif La
Published April 14, 2009
The Country Dog Review is a journal of poetry conceived and edited by Danielle Sellers. It is currently an online journal with "the hopes of becoming both an online and print journal soon."

The first issue includes works by Jesse Bishop, Larry Bradley, Greg Alan Brownderville, Alicia Casey, Heather Cousins, Erica Dawson, Blas Falconer, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Daniel Groves, Chris Hayes, David Kirby, Nick McRae, Adam Million, Erin J. Millikin, Ren Powell, John Pursley III, Lynn Wagner, Susan Settlemyre Williams, and John Dermot Woods, as well as an interview with David Kirby.

The Country Dog Review is currently accepting submissions for its fall issue, deadline August 1st, 2009.
Published April 13, 2009
Behind the screen at Wag's Revue are Editors Sandra Allen (nonfiction), Will Guzzardi (poetry), and Will Litton (fiction), with Webmaster Dave Eichler.

Publishing interviews, fiction, nonfiction and poetry, with room to play the media card within these forms, the first issue includes interviews with Dave Eggers, Mark Greif, Wells Tower, and works by Alexa Dilworth, Ernst Jandl, Travis Smith, Jessica Laser, Pauline Masurel, Winston Daniels, Tina Celona, Robert Moor, Eve Hamilton, Alison Fairbrother, Michael Paul Simons, Brian Evenson, John Sellekaers, Raleigh Holliday, Raymond Sumser, Maureen Halligan, Brandon Chinn, Janine Cheng, and Julia McKinley.
Published March 31, 2009
Jo Hemmant and Christine Swint have begun a poetry and art journal titled ouroboros review. The magazine is currently published online using a service called Issuu, and is also available in print through a print-on-demand service called Magcloud.

Issue 2 has just been released and includes the works of Jay Arr, John Borcherding, Tammy Brewer, Iain Britton, Dustin Brookshire, Julie Buffaloe-Yoder, Kelly Cockerham, Jill Crammond Wickham, Vanessa Daou, Jennifer Delaney, Nikki Devereux, Michael Doyle, Holly Dunlap, Marchell Dyon Jefferson, Andrew Erkkila, Hunter Ewen, Liz Flint-Somerville, Rebecca Gethin, Christopher Hileman, Dick Jones, Collin Kelley, Blake Leland, Chris Major, Rachel Mallino, Michelle McGrane, Joseph Milford, Steven Nash, January O’Neil, Scott Owens, Amy Pence, Allan Peterson, Robin Reagler, Deb Scott, Carolee Sherwood, Hannah Stephenson, Paul Christian Stevens, Amy Unsworth, J Michael Wahlgren, Christian Ward, Angie Werren, Ernest Williamson III, Robert E Wood

ouroboros is now reading for the third issue. The reading period ends Sunday, May 3.
Published March 12, 2009
From the combined efforts of Benjamin Evans, Ryan Daly, Lee Mcewen, Ian Kelly Davis, and Nick Lill: "By incorporating music and the visual arts and releasing a new issue monthly, Fogged Clarity aims to transcend the conventions of a typical literary journal. Our network is extensive and our scope is as broad as thought itself; we are, you are, unconstrained. With that spirit in mind Fogged Clarity will examine the work of authors, artists, scholars, and musicians, providing a home for art and thought that warrants exposure. All work selected to be displayed on our site will automatically be considered for our print journal. The first edition of our publication will debut in 2009, and will be a compendium of the most dynamic material from our first four monthly issues."

March 2009 issue includes Fiction by Marcos Soriano, Kristen O'Toole, Braden Wiley; Poetry by Michael Tyrell, Barbara Barnard. Larry Sawyer, Donald Illich, Obododimma Oha, Sarah Sarai, James Sanders with Zac Denton; Visuals by Mollie Bryan, Patrice Tulai, Jamieson Michael Flynn; Polemics by Jascha Kessler, Joe Wagner; and Music by Strand of Oaks.
Published March 10, 2009
Stone's Throw Magazine, edited by Russell Rowland, Tami Haaland, and Malia Burgess and based in Montana, publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, and "brief accounts of daily life from around the world."

The inaugural issue includes Poetry by Melissa Kwasny, Alison Colgan, Adrian Potter, Cynthia Anderson, Jim Peterson, Francis Raven, Lisa Kemmerer, Shirley Steele, Jim Peterson; Fiction by Rick Maloy, Catherine Parnell, JS Breukelaar, Lesley C. Weston, Kris Saknussemm, Shelley Freese, Peggy Heckler, Sid Gustafson; Nonfiction by SuzAnne C. Cole, Julia Michaels, Peter Klingman; Photographs by Sharareh Malek Mohammadi.

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