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Published January 21, 2010
Ben Spivey, Kyle Whitley and Jennifer Whitley, editors of Warm Milk Printing Press, have begun a new venture in publishing Spilt Milk, an online literary magazine. The first issues, Fall 2009, includes authors Eric Beeny, J.A. Tyler, Kenneth Radu, Howie Good, Greg Santos, and Donal Mahoney. Spilt Milk is open for submissions of works between 500-5000 words.
Published January 20, 2010
Edited by Jennifer H. Fortin, P.J. Gallo, Evan Glasson, and Yotam Hadass, Leveler offers a new approach to publishing poetry online. Each week, the editors publish one poem, alongside which they offer their comments about the work: "To assure our readers we are being responsible editors and to increase the transparency of our editorial process as a whole, each poem published by LEVELER will be accompanied by a brief note on our selection entitled 'levelheaded.' Here we will look at what a poem conveys and how. In no way do we claim 'levelheaded' is a final, authoritative take on any corresponding poem. Instead, we hope to provide readers with another way into the poem, thereby encouraging closer readings, and ultimately, challenges to our findings."

The editors also offer their readers an opportunity to respond to each poem as well: "we encourage thoughtful responses to individual poems and challenges to our own observations and interpretations."

While Leveler has the next month of poems planned, they are open for submissions.

Currently published or waiting in the wings are poems by Priyadarshi Patnaik, Karen Neuberg, Gerald Yelle, Nate Pritts, Jay Snodgrass, Mark Jackley, Heather McNaugher, Stephen Danos, Ron Green, Chris Caldemeyer, Nancy Devine, Tom McCauley, and Rob Schlegel.
Published January 19, 2010
Founding Editor Amber Victoria Tudor and Web Designer Kevin Jobe bring Dark Lady Poetry to the web on a monthly basis. Already in its forth issue since late 2009, Dark Lady Poetry has featured such writers as A.P. Chambers, Louie Crew , Joseph Fonseca, Jennifer A. Hudson, Lola Nation, Benjamin Neal, Michael Padilla, Ivy Peterson, Judith Skillman, Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, Broadie Thornton, Ivy Torres, Clifford K. Watkins, Jr., and Brandon Whitehead.

Dark Lady Poetry accepts all forms of poetry, and is open for submissions.
Published January 19, 2010
Jelly Bucket - once the term used for a coal miner's lunch pail - has become something quite different at the hands of the Eastern Kentucky University Creative Writing Program. An annual of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and artwork, the publication is unique in providing an eight-page color insert in each issue dedicated to visual art that incorporates text and/or features an aspect of the book arts. This first issue highlights the poetry and handmade journals of poet/artist Hank Lazer. Also included in this issue are works by Mary Molinary, Dan Sociu as translated by Adam Sorkin, Roger Pincus, Tony Crunk, Gaylord Brewer, Heather van Deest, and many more.

Jelly Bucket is open for submission from February 1 through June 1, accepting only original, unpublished works.
Published January 18, 2010
Editors Brian Wilson and Ian Terrell are touting Scarab as the first literary magazine for your iPhone. The publication promises to deliver eleven new works of poetry and prose and one interview per issue - only for your iPhone and iPod touch. There is a fee for per use of the app, but Wilson and Terrell note that "22% of the purchase price for each issue goes directly to the artists involved."

The first issue includes authors Isris Goodwin, Dan Rosenberg, Bryan Parys, Sarah Stickney, Major Jackson, Hannah Larrabee, Sean Bishop, Leah Williams, Alicia Ostriker, and Michael Venditozzi.
Published January 13, 2010
Edited by Alicia K. Clavell, the Southern Women’s Review is a newly established on-line literary journal that allows others access to artistic excellence through Southern Literature and Photography. The second issue features over 100 pages of creative works from poets, fiction and creative non-fiction writers, photographers, and more. The next reading period for the publication begins March 1, 2010.
Published January 12, 2010
OVS Magazine was started in 2009 by Stephen and Ivy Page to give new and established artists and poets a place to publish their work in a respectable peer-critiqued journal. OVS Magazine is an online and print literary journal based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, edited by staff and guest authors/artists.

The first issue of OVS features an Interview with Maxine Kumin, poetry by Maxine Kumin, Terry Lucas, Jana Wilson, Tayve Neese, Susan Vespoli, Steven Riel, Sarah Luczaj, Beverly Walker, Alan King, Ryan McLellan, Peter Schwartz, Paul Fisher , Matthew Ostapchuk, Jenn Monroe, Jeff Friedman, Janice Krasselt Medin, Christoper Crawford, Kathleen Vibbert, Carol Lynn Grellas, Eric Crapo, Heidi Therrien, and artwork by Jim Fuess, Mike Lewis, Peter Schwarts, and Beth Page.
Published January 11, 2010
Senior Editor Heather Cadenhead, and Poetry Editors Renee Emerson and Sarah LeNoir debut The Basilica Review. This first issue features the work of poets both established and new, the prize-winning and the previously unpublished: Julie L. Moore, Bobby C. Rogers, Todd Davis, Terri Kirby Erickson, Isaiah Vianese, Luci Shaw, Gary Leising, Leslie D. Bohn, Kristen Miller, Jack Ridl, Amy Anderson, Michael Schmeltzer, David Craig, Adam Penna, and Jenn Blair.

The Basilica Review is currently open for submissions and publishes in an online, PDF format.
Published December 15, 2009
Still: Literature of the Mountain South is an on-line literary journal featuring literature of the Southern Appalachian region with fiction editor - Silas House, poetry editor - Marianne Worthington, and nonfiction editor - Jason Howard.

Still is published three times a year, in October, February and June, with submissions accepted from December 1 - 31.

The first issue of Still features fiction by Mark Powell, Kathi Whitley, Tiffany and Williams, poetry by Steve Holt, Ron Houchin, Irene Latham, Lisa Parker, and Joshua Robbins, nonfiction by Donna McClanahan, Karen McElmurray, and Beth Newberry, an interview with Jack Wright (filmmaker, musician, writer, scholar, activist, veteran, and Appalachian “cultural worker” - Jack’s label for himself), and a video/audio of the song, "Who Owns Appalacia" performed by Sue Massek on banjo with vocals.
Published December 10, 2009
experiment-o is an annual PDF magazine established in 2008. "Its aim is to bring attention to works that do what art is supposed to do and that is to risk." The magazine is published by Amanda Earl of AngelHouse Press.

experiment-o will consider interviews, reviews, visual art, visual poetry, concrete poetry, poetry, prose, manifestos, maps, rants, blog entries, translations and other digital miscellany.

Issue Two (2009) features works by Jamie Bradley, Peter Cicariello, K. S. Ernst, Caroline Gomersall, John C. Goodman, Jeremy Hanson-Finger, Gil McElroy, Christine McNair, Sean Moreland, and Dominik Parisien.

Issue One (2008) features works by Gary Barwin, Emily Falvey, Spencer Gordon, Camille Martin, rob mclennan, Sheila E. Murphy, Pearl Pirie, Roland Prevost, Jenny Sampirisi, and Steve Venright.

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