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Published December 30, 2011 is a new online biannual literary journal "focused on featuring the vision of today's writers, poets and artists dedicated to the idea that literature should make universal themes relevant to the generation that the writer belongs to . . . cutting edge, on the fringe, anchored in classic intuitions: poetry, fiction, non-fiction topics, art & photography."

Contributors to the first two issues include Laurits Haaning, Robert Lietz, Danielle Altic, Jonathan Steffen, J.T. Andrews, Robert Dicarlo, Peter Fernbach, D H Sutherland, Nicholas Petrone, Dylan T. Price, Lee D. Rorman, Richard Stolorow, Hanny Castano, Kellee Rich, Santiago Dominique, Susanna Douglas, Petra Gabriele Dannehl, Jeremy Mayer, Kate Zaliznock, Edward Harsen, Mark Goad, Ryan Palmer, Hanny Castro, Gretchen Meixner, Tom Rowley-Conwy, Mar Trujillo, M.Y. Lermontov translated by Teimuraz Chanturishvili, and Madeleine Swann. accepts e-mail submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art and photography. Submissions for 2011 are currently closed but will open again January 31, 2012.
Published December 29, 2011
Tongue: A Journal of Writing & Art is a new biannual literary magazine "devoted to all species of translation and border-crossing": original poetry, essays and images that "aspires to challenge comfortable gestures and distinctions." Tongue is an autonomous project of the Pirogue Collective — the arts and culture expression of the Gorée Institute. Editors are Adam Wiedewitsch, Colin Cheney, R.A. Villanueva, and Janine Joseph.

Tongue can be read online using the Issuu format or downloaded in several versions of PDF (suitable for mobile viewing – 1.35MB; high-resolution – 33.6MB; suitable for high-quality CMYK printing – 65.5MB).

Issue One launched in December and features new work from Geoffrey Nutter, Darren Morris, Claudia Rankine, Alfonso D’Aquino & Forrest Gander, Kiwao Nomura & Forrest Gander & Kyoko Yoshida, Cecily Parks, Idra Novey, Sally Wen Mao, Adam Small & Mike Dickman, Venús Khoury-Ghata & Marilyn Hacker, Brian Oliu, Birgitta Trotzig & Rika Lesser, Nathalie Handal, Ewa Chrusciel, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, and photographer Zhang Xiao.
Published December 28, 2011
Still in its first year of publication, Thrice Fiction Magazine is published - yes - three times a year and is filled with stories, art, and "a few surprises from a variety of talented contributors." Readers can download a free PDF or eBook of Thrice Fiction at no charge, or opt to purchase a full-color printed copy from MagCloud.

First-year contributors include Marty Mankins, Jack Foley, Vahid Jimenez, David Simmer II, Michael W. Harkins, John M. Bennett, Ann Bogle, Brandon Rogers, Chris Mansel, Adam Heath Avitable, Matthew Hill, RW Spryszak, Jeff Swanson, Aleathia Drehmer, Robert Kroese, Lisa Vihos, C. Brannon Watts, Echo Chernik, Nathan Garvison, and Kyra Wilson.

Thrice Fiction Editor RW Spryszak accepts e-mail submissions of "standard short stories as well as flash fiction but also various forms that kind-of sort-of look like fiction but may also be poetry. The stated mission of this magazine is to combine standard, more traditional fiction that we like alongside our fearless commitment to the new, unusual and unique."

Art Director David Simmer II accepts submission queries from artists.
Published December 19, 2011
Under the Gum Tree is a new online (via MagCloud) publication of photography and creative nonfiction published out of ThinkHouse Collective in Sacramento, California.

The editors write: "Under the Gum Tree is a storytelling project, publishing creative nonfiction in the form of a micro-magazine. We believe in the power of sharing a story without shame. Too much of the human experience gets hidden behind constructed facades based on what we perceive the world expects from us...the authors and contributors featured in our pages own their story, even the ugly parts, and share it with pure, unadulterated, raw, candid vulnerability."

The first issue of Under the Gum Tree features stories from Peter Grandbois, Kate Washington and Alexa Mergen, and photography from Mazzarello Media & Arts and Jeannine Mengel.

Under the Gum Tree accepts online submissions via Submishmash.
Published December 14, 2011
Revolution House is a new online publication of poetry, flash fiction, short storis, creative nonfiction, graphic stories, and art. A magazine run by writers Revolution House aims to publish both emerging and experienced authors.

Revolution House staff includes Executive Editor Alisha Karabinus, Managing Editors Fati Z. Ahmed, Elaina Smith, Creative Nonfiction Editors Jaime Herndon and Jami Nakamura Linwas, Fiction & Graphic Stories Editors Karen Britten, Carol H. Hood, Sarah Kamlet, Koty Neelis, and Katie Oldaker, and Poetry Editors Jonathan Dubow, Henry W. Leung, Karissa Morton, Susannah Nevison and Staci R. Schoenfeld.

The first two issue feature new work by Brooke Bailey, Myfanwy Collins, Patrick Thomas Henry, Amorak Huey, Deanna Larsen, Jen Marquardt, Thomas Michael McDade, Andrew Payton, Jessica Plante, Jessica Poli, Valerie Rubinaccio, Karin Rosman, Michael Simon, Courtney Thomas Vance, Ashley Wakefield, Tory Adkisson, Matthew Burnside, Alicia Catt, Caroline Crew, Sarah Crossland, Chanel Earl, William Henderson, Kea Marie, Michael Mlekoday, Francis Raven, Chad Redden, Sarah V. Schweig, Claire Shefchik, Caroline Swicegood, and James Valvis.

Submissions are open unless otherwise announced and accepted via Submishmash.
Published December 13, 2011
Vlak Magazine, edited by Louis Armand, Edmund Berrigan, Ali Alizadeh, Stephan Delbos, Jane Lewty & David Vichnar is an international curatorial project with a broad focus on contemporary poetics, art, film, philosophy, music, design, science, politics, performance, ecology, and new media. Vlak is published by Litteraria Pragensia in Prague, London, New York, Paris, Melbourne & Amsterdam.

Issue 2 contributors include David Hayman, Vincent Katz, Philippe Sollers, Niall Lucy, Alice Notley, Emmanuelle Pireyre, Jeroen Nieuwland, Holly Tavel, John Kinsella, Rs Jaeggi, Louis Armand, Adam Trachtman, Leila Sebbar, Dorra Chammam, Moncef Gachem, Jane Lewty, Stephan Delbos, Ali Daghman, Mehdi Mahfoudh, Dawn Fowler, Ken Edwards, Vadim Erent, Carla Harryman, Andre Jahn, Travis Jeppesen, Karel Jerie, Steve McCaffery, Hank Lazer, Phil Coates, Ann Hamilton, Petra Ganglbauer, Marjorie Perloff, David Vichnar, Michal Ajvaz, Lucie Skrivankova, Pavel Novotny, Ondrej Buddeus, Jonas Hajek, Adam Borzic, Mark Melnicove, Adrian Clarke, j/j hastain, Ali Alizadeh, Ania Walwicz, Claire Potter, Felicity Plunkett, Gig Ryan, jeltje, Justin Clemens, Matt Hetherington, Michael Farrell, Nicole Tomlinson, PiO, Pam Brown, Sebastian Gurciullo, Chris Edwards, Matt Hall, Tereza Stejskalova, Charles Bernstein, Steve Benson, Katarzyna Bazarnik, Zenon Fajfer, Michal Sanda, Andrew Nightingale, Amaranth Borsuk, Kate Durbin, Zach Kleyn, Redell Olson, Clody Clevidence, Eleza Jaeger, Megan M. Garr, Sara Nicholson, Amy De'Ath, Larry Sawyer, Amy King, Brendan Lorber, Chris Martin, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Jason Morris, Macgregor Card, Nina Zivancevic, Noah Eli Gordon, Johan De Wit, Damien Ober, Joshua Mensch, Kamil Bouska, Cralan Kelder, Robert Sheppard, Francesco Levato, and Vincent Dachy.

The magazine is published in a square format (8.5 in) with full bleed and page insert photography and graphics in black and white throughout.

Vlak invites contributions that extend our understanding about what is possible; which pose questions about the prevailing attitude of norms; which explore the ramifications of contemporary culture and attempt new critical and creative methods. Annual deadline: January 15

[Cover image by Adam Trachtman.]
Published December 12, 2011
Founded in summer of 2011 as a sister publication the Valparaiso Poetry Review (VPR), Valparaiso Fiction Review (VFR) is one of the newest publications of Valparaiso University and its Department of English. VFR publishes two editions a year, usually around the first of December and the first of May, and features fiction from established and emerging authors. Co-Editors are Jonathan Bull and Edward Byrne, both of Valparaiso University, and Assistant Editors Emily Bahr, Ethan Grant, R. James Onofrey, Ellen Orner, and Jeremy Reed.

The first issue includes works by Andrea Dupree, Meg Tuite, Norman Waksler, W.F. Lantry, Dallas Woodburn, and Clifford Garstang. The magazine is available to read online or download in individual PDF format for each story.

VFR accepts submissions of original, unpublished fiction, 1,000 to 9,000 words with possible exceptions. No novels - though stand-alone excepts are acceptble, poetry (see VPR), or children's fiction unless otherwise noted.
Published December 08, 2011
Staffed by Managing Editor Andrew Keating, Poetry Editor Jill Williams, Fiction Editor Rafe Posey, Non-Fiction Editor Samantha Stanco, Art Director Danielle Peterson, Social Media Manager Michelle Junot, Blog Contributors Gillian Ramos and Kate Stone, Cobalt is an online quarterly of fiction, non-fiction and poetry "of the highest caliber," as well as interviews "with some of the most influential writers in the literary community." Cobalt's mission is "to publish quality creative work and promote the literary arts, as well as those who celebrate them."

The first issue features Poetry by Brian Russell, Georgia Kreiger, John Abbott, Steven Leyva, Andrea Dickens; Fiction by Jen Michalski, Mandy Taggart, Emily Kiernan; Nonfiction by James Claffey, John FitzGerald; and Interviews with Nicola Griffith (author of The Blue Place) and Jessica Anya Blau (author of Drinking Closer to Home).

Issue two will be available December 10. Submissions are open and accepted through Submishmash.

[Cover image "Metro" by Sophie Johnson (Oil on Canvas).]
Published December 07, 2011
Editor Kyle Schruder writes: "Lost in Thought came from a simple idea: I like magazines, why not make one of my own?" Always easier said than done, yet Lost in Thought introduces itself as a beautifully designed publication that looks more like something Shruder's been doing for decades.

"For this premiere issue," Schruder says, "I decided to combine short stories and artwork. I approached writers, photographers and illustrators with this simple premise: you can write something new, or you can submit something already finished. I paired the people who wanted to make something new with the people who gave me finished works. Some writers wrote entirely new stories based on illustrations that the artist had submitted. Other photographers arranged photo shoots based on stories I received."

The premier issue, available via MagCloud in print and digital formats features Writers Jules Archer, Kim Bannerman, Katrina Gray, Graeme Lottering, Sem Megson, Kari Nguyen, Sara Patterson, Katerina Prudchenko, Gareth Spark, and Chris Tarry; Photographers James Azzopardi, Julien Hayard, Karrah Kobus, Lindsey Kowalski, Aleksandra Skiljevic, Synchrodogs (Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven); and Illustrators Yeremeeva Katya, Jennifer Maidment, mathiole, Jared Meuser, Estelle Morris, and Rose Wong.

Submissions are open for issue two, which Schruder says will "more free-flowing, more experimental, and hopefully even more interesting!"
Published December 06, 2011
Newly lauched out of Austin, Texas, Unstuck is an independent print literary annual emphasizing "literary fiction with elements of the fantastic, the futuristic, the surreal, or the strange — a broad category that would include the work of writers as diverse as Borges, Ballard, Calvino, Huxley, Tutuola, Abe and (of course) Vonnegut."

The editors add, "In our pages, you’ll find straight-up science fiction and fantasy; domestic realism with a twist of the magical; and work that experiments with form or blurs the boundaries between poetry and prose. We also publish a small selection of poems and essays."

The first issue features new fiction by Aimee Bender, J. Robert Lennon, Amelia Gray, Joe Meno, Marisa Matarazzo, Arthur Bradford, Helen Phillips, Matthew Derby, Rachel Swirsky, Matthew Vollmer, Lindsay Hunter, John Maradik & Rachel B. Glaser, Leslie What, Charles Antin, Meghan McCarron, Sharona Muir, Andrew Friedman, Julia Whicker, Judson Merrill, Karin Tidbeck, and Randy Schaub; new poetry by Kiki Petrosino, Zach Savich, Dan Rosenberg, Kaethe Schwehn, and Patrick Haas; and new non-fiction by Rennie Sparks.

Unstuck will be available in Kindle format for e-readers, and a portion of each print run of Unstuck is donated to schools, libraries, and literacy programs. If you’re a librarian, teacher, tutor, or administrator, and think your students or clients would enjoy Unstuck, visit the Libraries and Schools link on their website.

Unstuck accepts online submissions via Submishmash.

[Cover photography "Highland Reservoir II" by Timothy J. Fuss.]

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