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Solstice Contest Winners

In the most recent issue, Solstice publishes the work of their 2012 contest award winners and finalists. They also feature a poem by Stephen Dunn after whom the poetry prize was named. Editor Lee Hope says to “plunge into this special Summer Issue and explore the depth and richness of our writers!”

Fiction Prize
Judge: Jennifer Haigh

First Place: $1,000
Amy L. Clark: “Rheumatic Fever”

Cameron MacKenzie: “Ruffly Like Christmastime”

Silvia Moreno-Garcia: “Translucent Skin”
Morgan Smith: “Messengers of God”
Janet Hilliard-Osborn: “In the Shade of the Black Walnut Tree”

Stephen Dunn Poetry Award
Judges: Kathleen Aguero and Danielle Georges

First Place: $500
Mike Nelson: “Via Dolorosa”

Emily Van Duyne: “I Blame the Ronettes”

Don Colburn: “Technicalities and the Heart”
Kristen Havens: “Centinela”
Read Trammell: “Fisherman on the Pier”

Nonfiction Prize
Judge: Jerald Walker

First Place: $500
Dawn Haines: “Aleatorik”

Gaynell Gavin: “A Failure of Narrative Distance”
Deborah Taffa: “On Bison Skulls and Trains”

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