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Salamander Contest Winners

salamander1Salamander #39 features the 2014 fiction prize winner judged by Jennifer Haigh: “Dimension” by Barrett Warner. Of his work, Haigh says it is a “coming-of-age tale turned inside out, the hit-and-run love story of an unlikely couple on the skids. Their ill-fated affair is sketched with marvelous economy, style , and verve. Wise, playful, startling in its insight, this is a story made of remarkable sentences laid end to end.’

 “When Desire Can’t Find Its Object” by Margaret Osburn earned an honorable mention. Haigh writes that this work “depicts a meeting between old friends: a young draft dodger on a vision quest, and Iris, his best friend’s mother, who is not long for this world. In supple, elastic prose, it telegraphs – in seven short pages – a curious love story, a brief interlude that illumines an entire life.”

[Cover Art: “WC4173, 2010” by Ann Ropp]

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