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Poet Lore Turns 125


Established in 1889, Poet Lore celebrates 125 years of publication with this Fall/Winter Issue. Aside from the who’s who among contemporary poet contributors (nearly 70 in all), the journal includes a special selection of essays. Review Editor Jean Nordhause comments: “To highlight Poet Lore‘s contributions to American letters over the past 125 years, we’ve asked scholars and poets to contribute essays about aspects of the journal and its history.”

Poet Lore Essays: Melissa Girard “‘ Who’s for the Road?’: Poet Lore, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and the Open Road of 19th-Century American Poetry” Joan Hua “ Without Borders: Poet Lore’s Early Attention to World Literature in Translation” Megan Foley “ Lovers: A Tribute to Poet Lore’s Founders” Bruce Weigl “ Learning to Hear the Spirits Rumble: My Four Years with Poet Lore” Rod Jellema “ Finding the Undercurrent: Three Reflections on the Reading, Writing, and Teaching of Poetry”

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