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Magazine Stand :: Topical Poetry – No. 27

Topical Poetry literary magazine cover image

Such a cool concept – Topical Poetry “aims to create a safe and encouraging space for global poets to show their reactions to recent events and news.” Poems from the most recent issue include “The Direction of Home” by Laurel Benjamin, “While I imagine his demise, I wonder what Putin’s mother might be thinking” by Rebecca Surmont, “Shackleton’s ship is discovered, March 2022” by Mark Blayney, “What We Need Beyond the Pale” by Jay Yair Brodbar, “Ukrainian Woman Offers Seeds” by Julene Waffle, “The Stratigraphy of War” by Sheila DC Robertson, “J’accuse” by Howard Richard Debs, “Last Normal Outing” by Sharon Mast and many more. Subscribe to get a weblink to the latest issue. This is definitely one to follow.

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