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Magazine Stand :: The Society of Classical Poets :: January 2023

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The Society of Classical Poets Journal publishes a print annual of poetry, translations, and essays selected from those published on the SCP website between February and January as well as artwork for inclusion in the print copy. Throughout the year, readers can find these works on a rolling basis, making each visit to the website a new reading discovery. Recent works include “Calendar Poems,” an essay by Margaret Coats, two different views on New Year’s Resolutions in poems by David Whippman and Evan Mantyk, two New Year’s Eve poems by Susan Jarvis Bryant, poems against birth control by Joshua C. Frank, “Where Ever-present Joy Knows Naught of Time” by Cynthia Erlandson, “Crimes Against My Sanity” and other poems on parenting by Anna J. Arredondo, “Addiction” by Paul Buchheit, “Freedom in Forgiveness,” a villanelle by Dan Tuton, “On Attending a Holiday Ensemble with My Wife” by Jeremiah Johnson, “The Fall of Babylon” by William Harrison, “Wisdom” by Russel Winick, “How Troubling to Know Mrs. Pain” by Norma Pain, and so many more great reads. Visit their website today!

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