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Magazine Stand :: The Midwest Quarterly – Spring 2023

The Midwest Quarterly Spring 2023 cover image

The Midwest Quarterly: A Journal of Contemporary Thought is published quarterly in print by Pittsburg State University and accepts submissions of poetry and essays on contemporary subjects “interesting and readable by a non-specialist reader.” The objective of the publication is “to discover and publish scholarly articles dealing with a broad range of subjects of current interest.” A sampling of articles in the newest issue includes: “Human Cargo: The Zombie as Metaphor for Aboriginal Restoration” by Liza Harville; “Understanding Individual Differences in the Dimensions of ‘Vestedness’ within Midwestern Populations toward the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) during Early-Stage Pandemic Onset” by A. M. Mason, Josh Compton, and Elizabeth Spencer; “The BaFa’ BaFa’ Cultural Simulation: A High-Leverage Teaching Practice to Increase Cultural Awareness” by Grant Moss and Harriet Bachner; and “Sustaining our Academic Careers amidst COVID-19: A Collaborative Autoethnography of Women Academicians” by Judy Smetana, Krissy Lewis, and Tatiana Goris. And for poetry, an interview with and a substantial portfolio of poems by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg.

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