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Magazine Stand :: The Louisville Review – 92

The Louisville Review 92 cover image

The Louisville Review Editor Sena Jeter Naslund says of issue 92: “I don’t think TLR has ever received more compliments on our front-and-back cover image-and-layout (that’s since our #1 issue in 1976).” The issue’s cover design is by Jonathan Weinert and the featured artwork is by Ying Kit Chan. TLR 92 also has a moving tribute to Kentucky Poet Laureate and Bellarmine professor Frederick Smock, who passed away unexpectedly last year, in addition to a wonderful variety of poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, and children’s poetry.

Contributions include Cornerstone Poetry (from K-12 contributors) by Kate Rowberry, Faye Zhang, Emma Catherine Hoff, Jiayi Shao, Yunzhong Mao, Helena Wu, Mary Virginia Vietor, Cloris Shi; Nonfiction by Chris Reitz, Dianne Aprile; Fiction by Patricia Foster, Jody Lisberger, Mrinal Rajaram, Lynn Gordon, Elizabeth Schoettle, Catherine Uroff, Sarah Martin, David Wilde, Bob Chikos; and Poetry by Frederick Smock, Tony O’Keeffe, Congxia Ma, Daisy Bassen, Kristin Camitta Zimet, Karen McAferty Morris, Elya Braden, Juan Pablo Mobili, Angie Macri, Joe Schmidt, Josh Mahler, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Michelle Glans, Michelle Bonczek Evory, Michael J. Galko, Mary Buchinger, Rebecca Thrush, Mark Smith-Soto, Ciara Shuttleworth, John Repp, John A. Nieves, Jeff Hardin, Renee Gilmore, Matt Dennison, Lana Spendl, Gaylord Brewer, Diane Scholl, Marianne Kunkel, Melissa Madenski, Jeremy Paden, Rosanne Osborne, Robert Eric Shoemaker, Marcia L. Hurlow, Chelsie Taylor, Joseph Anthony, Luke Wallin, V. Joshua Adams, Denise Duhamel, Pat Owen, Donald Illich, James B. Nicola, Hollie Dugas, and Millard Dunn.

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