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Magazine Stand :: The Louisville Review – 91

The Louisville Review literary magazine issue 91 Spring 2022 cover image

The Louisville Review, Number 91, Spring 2022, after being supported for 45 years by higher educational institutions is now an independent publication. As Editor Sena Jeter Naslund shares in the Editor’s Note, her home has become the new “home” of The Louisville Review – a home “haunted” by the ghost of little-known poet Madison Cawein, who lived there over 100 years ago, and who published a poem that contained the phrase “waste land” – inspiring the more likely known T.S. Eliot’s work, “The Waste Land.” And so, Sena tells readers, “it pays off to read small literary mags, as well as to publish in them. . . And it pays off to SUBSCRIBE to them, for many reasons, but also so that you won’t miss out on some important trigger to your own imagination.” Here! Here!

The newest issue of The Louisville Review features ample imagination starters, with Poetry by Mary Ann Samyn, Adrian Blevins, Adam Tavel, Kyle D. Craig, Diamond Forde, Ann Pedone, Rachel Whalen, Kevin McLellan, Christopher Howell, Roy Bentley, Gabriel Welsch, Clay Cantrell, James Hejna, Rolly Kent, Alamgir Hashmi, Jack Ridl, Don Bogen, and Michael Mark. Fiction – which, get this, is “arranged to spotlight the progressive ages of the various protagonists” – ! – by Jane Ogburn Dorfman, Dennis Hurley, Patricia Dutt, Rebecca Bernard, Edward Jackson, John Sims Jeter, S. A. Griffin, and Marguerite Alley. And my all-time favorite section, “Cornerstone,” featuringing work by writers K-12: Saanvi Mundra, Kay Lee, Jiayi Shao, Haile Espin, Henry Phoel, Bravery Grace Boes, Alexander Miller, Matteo Tremaine Pavlenko, and Emma Catherine Hoff.

Cover art “Table For . . . ” by Joyce Gardner.

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