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Magazine Stand :: The Awakenings Review – Spring 2023

The Awakenings Review Spring 2023 cover image

The Awakenings Review Spring 2023 issue is available for readers to enjoy online and features works by writers and artists with mental illness as well as from family members and friends of people with mental illness, though the contributions themselves need not focus on mental illness. The Awakenings Review occasionally dedicates issues to specific topics or features authors who live with a particular illness. The newest issue features poetry, essay, and short stories by W. Barrett Munn, Benjamin Shalva, William LaPage, Carol Lee Saffioti-Hughes, Jesse White, Lloyd Jacobs, Hugh Anderson, Linda Logan, Hope Andersen, Alexander Perez, Richard Risemberg, Adrian Harte, Katherine Szpekman, Valerie Wardh, Brooke Lathe, Anna Adami, Kristina Morgan, Vitoria Perez, Mary Anna Scenga Kruch, Meg LeDuc, Brian Daldorph, Elizabeth Brulé Farrell, Christine Andersen, C.M. Mattison, Alan Sugar, Kate Falvey, Dave Fekete, Kristine Laco, Timothy Lindner, Emily Kay MacGriff, and Jane Marston.

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