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Magazine Stand :: The Awakenings Review – Fall 2022

The Awakenings Review online literary magazine fall 2022 issue cover image

Established in cooperation with the University of Chicago Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation in 2000, The Awakenings Review is one of the nation’s leading literary reviews entirely committed to publishing the works of artists, writers, and poets with mental illness. The Awakenings Review looks for submissions from writers and poets who have a distinct relationship to mental illness-either self, family member, or friend. The hard-copy journal publishes original poetry, short stories, dramatic scenes, essays, creative nonfiction, photographs, interviews, excerpts from larger works, and black-and-white cover art.

The Fall 2022 issue features works by Bibhu Padhi, Zac Walsh, Liza Potvin, Pauline Milner, Arya F. Jenkins, Zan Bockes, Eileen Coughlin, Sandy Olson Hill, Louis Girόn, Lloyd Jacobs, Gerard Sarnat, Raymond Abbott, Skye Gill, Eoin Begley, Alan Sugar, Murray Alfredson, Aileen Shaw, Jennifer Cimmerian Urbanek, Benjamin Robinson, Julia Morris Paul, Christine Andersen, Janice O’Mahony, Kate Marshall, Marie Marchand, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Tricia Himmel, A.L. Gordon, Joshua Gage, George Drew, Joyce Cote, Cierra Corbin, and Mohineet Kaur Boparai in a free, online reading format.

Beginning in 2023, The Awakenings Review will be published twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. Submissions are free and open year-round via email as well as USPS.

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