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Magazine Stand :: Red Tree Review – Issue 3

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Red Tree Review Issue 3 is now online for readers to enjoy and filled with poems that promise to surprise, harrow, and awe. In “Oyster Thorn,” Sam Moe oscillates deftly between soft and hard, pushing the litany into the new with surprising twists and contrast. Red Tree Review is once again delights readers with a Carolyn Guinzio feature of three poems from a sequence that bend the conversational tone in careful pivots and interruption, returning again and again to place and landscape. Anna Laura Reeve asks readers to consider what lifts us and what burdens us in poems aimed with a sniper’s precision at the reader’s heart. Readers can find these and many more poems to enjoy and share with others. For writers, a reminder that Red Tree Review does not charge a submission fee, nor is there any cost to read issues online.

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