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Magazine Stand :: Raleigh Review – 12.1

Raleigh Review 12.1 literary magazine cover image

The Spring 2022 Issue of Raleigh Review includes 2022 Raleigh Review Flas Fiction Prize Winner “Blood” by Keith S. Wilson and Honorable Mentions “Good on Paper” by Vandana Khanna and “All Rise” by Rita Ciresi, as well as three works by Allison Blevins who earned Honorable Mention in the 2022 Geri Digiorno Prize. The cover art is “Snapshot” by Christine Kouwenhoven, Winner of the 2022 Geri Digiorno Prize. Co-editor Landon Houle offers a note that encourages catching a glimpse of hope around us, perhaps “in the stories, the poems, the art we love and have collected to share with you,” and Publisher Rob Greene shares his harrowing experience when he “went down with a heart attack last December” and expresses his gratitude to “poets, writers, artists, friends, family, and members of our community of neighbors around the world who do care enough to support this small, though mighty magazine.”

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