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Magazine Stand :: Plume – #141

Plume #141 cover image

Editor-in-Chief Daniel Lawless writes, “Perhaps it’s best, as Plume nears its 12th year, to describe the current issue (#141) with reference to our initial mission statement: [We hope to present] a magazine dedicated to publishing the very best of contemporary poetry. To that end, we will be highly selective, offering twelve poems per monthly issue. A provisional indication of our tastes might include a sense of the uncanny, and of the fineness of language, the huge absences to which it points and partakes of, and the urgency and permanence of its state of departure — the coattails forever –just now—disappearing around the corner. But also a certain reserve, or humility, even when addressing the most humorous or trying circumstances.”

Only, now, those twelve poems are accompanied by essays, reviews, and longer featured selections. In the May issue, Plume includes, for example, a portfolio of poems from Mariella Nigro’s Memory Rewritten and an interview by Mihaela Moscaliuc with translators Jesse Lee Kercheval and Jeannine Marie Pitas; and Chard DeNiord’s essay “The Poetic “Engine” in Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction.” These, together with new work by Julie Bruck, Nicole Cooley, Volodymyr Tymchuk Denise Duhamel, Angela Ball, and Amit Majmudar, among others, make for a typical issue. Plume‘s cover art this month is Jacob Lawrence’s “The Photographer.” Readers are invited to enjoy the full content open-access online.

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