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Magazine Stand :: Plume – #135

Plume online poetry magazine issue #135 cover image

The November 2022 issue of Plume is online and waiting for readers to discover new poems by Sandra Moussempès, Olivia Elias, Stewart Moss, Virginia Konchan, Yuliia Vereta, Ron Smith, Michael Torres, Marc Vincenz, John Wall Barger, Henry Israeli, Daisy Fried, Christopher Bakken, and Bruce Bond. “The Poets and Translators Speak” is a section in which contributors share commentary on their work. Readers can also enjoy a feature section “In conversation with the world: Three poems & an interview with Vivek Narayanan, by Leeya Mehta,” and the essay “ROOM AT THE TABLE” by Charles Coe introduced by Chard DeNiord, who writes of Coe, “Both his prose and poetry address incidents of racist turpitude with a largeness of spirit and eloquence that betrays the verbal efficacy of truth-telling, immense particulars, and courageous witness, as evidenced in his essay for Plume this month.”

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