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The Common- Spring 2020

The Common - Spring 2020

The Common’s Spring 2020 issue released today. Inside the issue: an Arabic Portfolio from Sudan with work by Andel-Ghani Karamalla, Ishraga Mustafa Hamid, Bwader Basheer, Jamal Aldin Ali Alhaj, Mustafa Mubarak, and more. Also in this issue is fiction by Thoraya El-Rayyes, Catherine Buni, Bina Shah, and others; essays by A. Kendra Greene, Suraj Alva, and Tanya Coke; and poetry by January Gill O’Neil, Emily Leithauser, Megan Pinto, Mira Rosenthal, Tara Skurtu, John Freeman, marcus scott williams, and more.

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