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Magazine Stand :: Months to Years – Spring 2023

Months to Years - Spring 2023 cover image

Readers can now enjoy the Spring 2023 issue of Months to Years, a beautifully curated online space to share compelling and original works that explore mortality and terminal illness. The newest issue includes work by twenty-two creators, including ten pieces of nonfiction, nine poems, and three visual works. Blair Hurley’s piece, “When Is a Pair of Shoes More Than a Pair of Shoes?” explores the conflicting emotions objects can sometimes trigger when we are in grief. In “Midnight Cowboy,” Erica Driggers delves into the recklessness to which grief drove her. Craig Jackson Schuler’s “Leiomyosarcoma Haiku Sequence” juxtaposes existential horror with the quotidian in reflections on life as a terminal cancer patient.

Readers can access Months To Years in multiple formats. Digital versions—which include an online flip book, a downloadable PDF, and a web-based experience of each creative work—are all available for free. Glossy magazine hard copies can be purchased via third-party vendor Blurb. A small portion of each hard copy sale helps support the publication’s work as a nonprofit.

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