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Magazine Stand :: Months to Years – Spring 2022

Months to Years Spring 2022 online literary magazine cover image

It is the mission of Months to Years to “cultivate a beautifully designed online space to share compelling and original nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography that explores mortality and terminal illness.” As Editor Renata K. Louwers writes in this issue’s introduction, “We think things are going along a certain way with certain predictable events. And they are. Until suddenly, they’re not. What can we do besides surrender to the moment, maybe use the Calm app, and hope for the best? Some of us pray, some of us meditate or exercise, and some of us write. Others take photos or create visual art. Art – via the written word or visually – has served as a crucial coping mechanism for humans through the centuries.” We are no different than our ancestors.

This newest, truly beautiful issue supports that coping effort with work from Ellis Emerson, Michael Victor Troutman, Andrew Shattuck McBride, Jacqueline Jules, Michael Riordan, Carolyn Foster Segal, Lara da Rocha, Will Wellman, Michael Moreth, Lara Haynes Freed, Tim Louis Macaluso, Paula Praeger, Adele Abrahamse Roof, Clarissa Cervantes, Paul Rousseau, Judith H. Montgomery, Melinda Halpert, Laura Trigg, Diamante Lavendar, Virginia Muzik, Lenore Balliro, Carol Nolde, Rene Cizio, Megan Griffin, Cecilia Worth, N.T. Chambers, Paul Hostovsky, and K. Johnson Bowles.

Submissions for the Fall 2022 issue are open until May 31; for the Winter 2023 issue from July 1 – August 15; for the Spring 2023 issue from September 15 – November 1.

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