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Magazine Stand :: Memoir Magazine – March 2022

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Accepting submissions of nonfiction, art, photography, reviews, interviews, audio, and video on a rolling basis, the mission of Memoir Magazine “is to be a witness to both factual and emotional truths that resonate with the human heart by supporting writers and artists in sharing their stories.” Memoir Magazine offers online writing classes and workshops, including the upcoming “Writing to Heal with Jerry Waxler” and “MeToo Anonymous Writing Workshop for Sexual Assault Survivors.” The publication keeps its site updated with new content added regularly. Some recent features include “Iris on My Mind” by Odeta Xheka, “The Hope of Better Hearing Aids” by Rosann Tung, “The Sentencing” by Wendy Swift, “Into the Racial Divide, A Story of Hope” by Jerry Waxler, “Walking Home” by Kate Zobel, “Main Street Madness” by Mary McBeth, “Permission” by Diane Gillespie, “Harrowing” by Natalie Coufal, “True Crime” by Hilarie Pozesky, and “How I Discovered America” by Sharmila Voorakkara. Memoir Magazine is a black-owned and woman-owned annual print and online publication.

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