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Magazine Stand :: The Briar Cliff Review 2022

The Briar Cliff Review literary magazine 2022

I have always considered The Briar Cliff Review to be one of the most beautifully constructed print literary journals produced, which causes me a heavy heart to include with this post the fact that Briar Cliff University will be jettisoning many of its general education programs, and with it, this decades-long literary tradition. Our condolences to the staff of Briar Cliff Review for this monumental loss to our community. They will fulfill their commitment with their final publication in 2023, so let us celebrate these final contributors to each remaining issue. Featured in this collection are winners of their 26th annual contest: Anna Round, Nancy Fowler, Patridge Boswell, William V. Roebuck, and Christine Stewart-Nuñez. As always, the remainder of the magazine features a plethora of poems, fiction, nonfiction, art, and book reviews in a handsome full-cover, large format. Cover image: Saga of the Secondaries by Dan Howard.

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