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Magazine Stand :: The Baltimore Review – Summer 2022

The Baltimore Review literary magazine 2022 print edition cover image

Publishing since 1996, The Baltimore Review is an online and print journal of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, as well as visual and video arts. The newest issue continues to deliver a quality experience with works by Heather Bartos, Garrett Candrea, Elizabeth J. Coleman, Hilal Isler, Garret Keizer, Karis Lee, Joshua Jones Lofflin, Rachael Lyon, Abby E. Murray, Christopher Notarnicola, Jonathan Odell, Jennifer Saunders, Jill Witty, Andy Young, and Alison Zheng. And while the online issues offer greater accessibility, The Baltimore Review still likes to offer readers the tactile print experience with their annual compilation of poems, fiction, and creative nonfiction published in their Summer and Fall 2021 and Winter and Spring 2022 issues. Readers can purchase the print copy through Amazon or on the publication’s website.

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