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Magazine Stand :: Raleigh Review – Fall 2022

Raleigh Review print literary magazine Fall 2022 issue cover image

Raleigh Review Co-Editor Bryce Emley offers a thoughtful introduction to this newest issue, which begins, “I like to think of telling the truth and being honest as two different things. Telling the truth is a straight line from one point to another, while being honest is a passage more of a toward than a to. . . ” Emley connects this discussion to the Laux/Millar Poetry prize winners included in this issue. Allison Blevins and Joshua Davis both “demonstrate the honest messiness of loss, of grief’s complicated grace.” Joining them in this issue are writers Colin Bailes, Mary Buchinger, Caroline Chavatel, Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Gregory Djanikian, J.R. Evans, Grace Ezra, Loisa Fenichell, C. Francis Fisher, Stephanie Kaylor, Peter Laberge, Justin Lacour, Cass Lintz, Owen McLeod, Annie Dyer Stuart, Erica Jenks Henry, Katherine Joshi, Andrea Lewis, Caroline McCoy, John Salter, and Mackenzie Sanders. And “for the first time in 12+ years,” this issue features original illustrations by Nora Kelly made specifically to accompany the written works.

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