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Magazine Stand :: New England Review – 43.2

New England Review literary magazine vol 43 no 2 2022 cover image

Carolyn Kuebler’s introduction to the newest issue of New England Review (43.2) is a thoughtful reflection on the place of domesticity, travel, and tourism as it is reflected through the eyes of writers and interpreted by readers. The Editor’s Note along with several pieces from this issue are available to read online here. Kuebler also comments on the special feature, “Polyglot And Multinational: Lebanese Writers In Beirut And Beyond”: “The section in fact was born out of guest editor Marilyn Hacker’s desire to go someplace new, to know it more deeply, to feel the heat and rain and to hear voices in cafés. It began with her fascination and curiosity about the Lebanese writers whose works she’d read and translated and culminates here in something altogether uncategorizable.” In addition, this issue includes Poetry by Tomaž Šalamun, Gillian Osborne, Victoria Chang, Analicia Sotelo, Justin Jannise, Corey Van Landingham, Carmen Giménez, Steven Duong, and Tiana Clark; Fiction by Nandini Dhar, David Ryan, A. E. Kulze, Christine Sneed, Roy Kesey, and Kosiso Ugwueze; Nonfiction by Marianne Boruch, Maud Casey, Ben Miller, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, and Richard Harding Davis.

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