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Magazine Stand :: Ganga Review – 2022

Ganga Review print literary magazine annual issue 2022 cover image

A print annual of “international writings for liberation,” Ganga Review, named for the River Ganga that is an expression of Divine Mother, was inspired by a pilgrimage through India in 2004 wherein the editors “traveled from village to village, seeking to alleviate the sorrows that come with poverty, illness, and plain loss of hope.” In simply flipping through the pages, I was struck by a number of works, and this one in particular resonated with my own locus of need. Perhaps it will serve others as well:

by N. Mimmick

The Hopi word is sipala,
which requires little articulation
and no teeth. It is almost a whisper
as is the Hindu shantih, the Persian sula,
the English peace.

With over 200 pages of fiction, essays, poetry, interviews, translation, and fine art that represents diverse faiths and cultures from around the world, contributors include Emily Adair, Faiz Ahmad, Essam M. Al-Jassim, Paul Bamberger, Sacha Bissonnette, Richard Alan Bunch, Steve Carr, Jeffrey S. Chapman, Holly Day, Joe De Quattro, Tejan Green, Marlon Hacla, Ghaliya Hasan, Claudia Hinz, Lidia Kosk, Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka, Andrew Lafleche, Linda Lamenza, Edward Lee, Xiaoly Li, Catherine Lieuwen, Diego Luis, Charles J. March III, Megan McGibney, Jack Brendan Miller, N. Minnick, Kristine Ong Muslim, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Sarah Odishoo, Scott Pedersen, Christina Petrides, Patrick Pfister, Fabrice Poussin, Richard Risemberg, Andrew Ross, Michael Salcman, Rema Sayers, Mary Shanley, Paul Smith, Don Stoll, Bradley R. Strahan, and Mercury Marvin Sunderland.

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