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Magazine Stand :: elsewhere – Issue 22

elsewhere online literary magazine of short prose issue 22 spring 2022 cover image

elsewhere online literary magazine of prose publishes works they consider “at the crossroads” with the editors caring “only about the line / no line” and asks writers for short works of flash fiction, prose poetry, and nonfiction that “cross, blur, and/or mutilate genre.” elsewhere further concentrates their efforts by publishing only six writers quarterly, and the newest issue highlights those top six with works—and a few opening lines to tantalize readers—from Benjamin Bartu (“good mercy, we’ve broken it at last!”), Cynthia Marie Hoffman (“The universal sign for choking is a hand clamped to the throat like an animal fastening teeth to its prey.”), Lis Moberly (“I disembowel a deer in the yard.”), Benjamin Niespodziany (“My neighbor bought a white Ferrari and painted it red then again back to white.”), Ken Poyner (“The birds are back.”), and Ren Weber “(I ask my neighbor if I can lean over the fence and take an orange from her tree.”). elsewhere is free to read online.

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