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Magazine Stand :: Foglifter Journal – 2023

Foglifter Journal 2023

Foglifter Journal continues the San Francisco Bay Area’s tradition of groundbreaking queer and trans writing and emphasizes publishing multi-marginalized voices. The 2023 annual issue features work by Ash Alpert, Sarah Aziz, Lorelei Bacht, Acie Clark, Summer Farah, Laurel Ophelia Faye, Dina Folgia, Aerik Francis, Katie Gene Friedman, Stefania Gomez, Claire Heinzerling, Alannah Hensley, S.K. Hisega, Erik(a) Jonah, Noam Keim, Nicole Kershner, Jerry Lieblich, Alison Lubar, Griffin Jing Martin, Sahil Mehta, Jennifer V. Nguyen, Clara Otto, Tasha Raella, Tyler Raso, Nadine Rodriguez, Sarah Roth, Lauren Russell, Katie Jean Shinkle, Ashish Kumar Singh, and A.A. Vincent.

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