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Magazine Stand :: Brilliant Flash Fiction – March 2024

The March 2024 issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction’s tenth year of publication is an oddball mixture. (And please note that one must scroll down through the issue to read the stories, exactly as one scans a menu of tasty dishes.) Ever wonder what your pancreas does when it steps out of your body? Scroll down to read “La Dolce Vita,” by Jedediah Smith. And, in case you’re wondering, the strange artwork illustrating the March issue consists of photos taken inside a car during an automated carwash.

“Marion Checks In,” by Norwegian Kjetil Jansen, explores a bit of what-if Psycho movie territory, and speaking of Psycho, “DINNER SERVICE” by Suzanne Johnston is every waitress’ nightmare. The top story, “Softee,” by Elizabeth Gassman, involves a bewitching ice cream truck driver. “Allerednic” (Cinderella spelled backwards) by Rachel Rodman is a never-ending hard-luck story, and there is so much high-quality flash fiction here to read, including the off-beat “Miss Purse” by Ezra Solway, and “Poppy is My Half-Sister” by Zach Murphy; “Minotaur Dresses in the Dark” by Emma Goldman-Sherman, and “Neil” by Ende Mac. Oh yes, and that story about a crow’s text messages, by George Walker. Read it all and feel your imagination s t r e t c h …

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