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Magazine Stand :: Brilliant Flash Fiction – March 2023

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The most recent quarterly issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction (March 2023) is an eclectic mix of stories. In “A Bottle Cap” by Sean Burke, a dysfunctional family party illustrates how badly we can hurt the ones we love. “Yasmin” by Lucy Hooft hauntingly describes a Damascus emigrant’s yearning for her native land. “Across the Bay” by Bayveen O’Connell is the story of a daughter‘s struggle for independence. “Where the Light Killed the Stars” by Aston Lester is the depiction of a boy’s love/hate relationship; “the writer’s voice is phenomenal,” remark the editors. “On Hold” by Jennifer Lai is a witty and melancholy snapshot of life as a single divorced mother. “They Will Feel Lucky” by Slawka G. Scarso is a tale with a twist, clever and moving. Leah Mueller’s “To the Sword-Swallowing Woman in Uranus, Missouri,” is a great fun piece of flash, well-summarized in the last line: “… I never cared much for normal folks.” “Constant Vigilance” by Matt Goldberg is a tongue-in-cheek look at violence in America and our tragic lack of viable solutions. “Four Square and Ray-Ban” by Rashmi Agrawal is a first-person account of a ‘have and have-not’ friendship. Brilliant Flash Fiction is a nonprofit organization celebrating minimalism at its finest.

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