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Magazine Stand :: Black Warrior Review – Fall/Winter 2021

Black Warrior Review 48.1 literary magazine cover image

Notably “severely delayed,” the Fall/Winter 2021 issue of Black Warrior Review begins with a farewell from the 2021 editorial team, looking back over the past year: “Despite all the hardship, it’s because of you all that we were able to keep going and be reminded of the importance of literature and storytelling.” The issue features works by Neon Mashurov, KT Herr, Jim Whiteside, Sarah Lao, Emily Holland, Timi Sanni, Jo Hahn-Socolofsky, Bernardo Wade, Georgie Fehringer, Megan Kakimoto, Ellie Black, Ariana Benson, Sanam Sheriff, Olivia Muenz, Jacqui Zeng, Yasmine Ameli, Theresa Sylvester, Kien Lam, Justin Wymer, Lyn Gao Cox, and many more. Included is also a chapbook by JinJin Xu and a section on Queer Ekphrasis with an introduction by Guest Editors Anaïs Duplan and Nikki Gamboa.

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