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Magazine Stand :: Aji – Issue 18

Aji Magazine Issue 18 cover image

Issue 18 of Aji Magazine is themed “The Moon.” As Editor-in-Chief Erin O’Neill Armendarez writes, “The tide goes in; the tide goes out. And the mysterious moon has her influence, only part of which we actually understand…” Attempting and understanding are the contributors to this issue, which has over 100 pages of content that can be read online, downloaded, or ordered in a print copy. This issue includes an interview with Oisín Breen by Erin O’Neill Armendarez and an interview with Jamie Nakagawa Boley by Erin Schalk, and works by Joe Bisicchia, Robert Boucheron, John Brantingham, Stephen Campiglio, William Crawford, Elizabeth Crowell, James Fowler, D. Dina Friedman, Trina Gaynon, Sergey Gerasimov, Carmen Germain, Elise Glassman, Joel Glickman, Cynthia Good, Robin Greene, Michael Hettich, Natalie Jill, Susan Johnson, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Katharyn Howd Machan, Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz, Michael Moreth, William Nesbitt, Irina Novikova, Toti O’Brien, Robert L. Penick, Jocelyn Quevedo, D.M. Richardson, Richard Robbins, Sandip Saha, David Anthony Sam, Lauren Scharhag, Jacquelyn Shah, Steven M. Smith, Wally Swist, J. Tarwood, Sharon Tracey, Reed Venrick, James Von Hendy, Bill Wolak, and Ellen June Wright.

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