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Magazine Stand :: AGNI- 97

Agni literary magazine issue 97 cover image

The tone for AGNI 97 is set by the opulent colors and imperiled undertones of cover (detail from Cemetary with Dog) and portfolio artist Salman Toor. Stories by Garielle Lutz, Via Bleidner, and Anna Badkhen put the seismograph to relationships and track the needle as it jumps. Essayist Kai Maristed assesses the loss and legacy of her enigmatic father, while Ishion Hutchinson shows how the close reading of a poem can open into a close reading of the complexities of history. Poems by Kwame Dawes, Nicole W. Lee, Danez Smith, and Tyler Mills construct tales, mythographies, and fabulisms that gesture toward another world: one that can and must be made from ours. All this and much more in the print edition, available for purchase by single copy or subscription. Readers can also find unique content at AGNI online as well as featured content from past issues.

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