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Reclamation of a Name

Parhelion - Winter 2020

Magazine Review by Katy Haas

In the latest issue of Parehlion, readers can find a selection of poetry by Sierra Lindsay. In this set of four poems, “The Line Between” especially stood out to me.

In this poem, Lindsay explores her name in three stanzas. The beginning draws readers in and explains the origin of this study: “I get lumps cut out of my breasts & on the hospital   bracelet, last name first.” The second stanza studies the name as it’s used by people she “shouldn’t be         fucking,” and the last stanza focuses on the name as it stands on a workplace name tag as customers question its source. The ending is explosive with its reclamation of her name and the power there, “I will put your name on my / tongue &       make you taste it.”

The layout of the poem makes it even more enjoyable to read, along with Lindsay’s careful construction of language that ebbs and flows.

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