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Published October 25, 2013

Photography for this cover of Image comes from Fritz Liedtke, titled "Swimming Hole Boys" from the series Welcome to Wonderland. There is more of his work inside.

American Letters & Commentary's new issue has a special feature on Suspended Animation. The cover features a piece of Matthea Harvey's ice cube art, with more on the back cover and inside.

Cover art for issue 3 of Phantom Drift is "Hypnagogia" by Chris Mars. It definitely has a creep look; I can't stare for too long.

Published October 18, 2013

The Stinging Fly, from Dublin, puts forth this special translation issue, listing the names of the pieces in their original language, all spanning out in a web from the fly logo in the middle. Included are translations from French, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Greek, and more.

Gargoyle Magazine's second issue for 2013 features cover photography by Cassia Beck and includes almost 500 pages of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and artwork.

The Georgia Review's cover definitely had me staring for a while. Celeste Rapone's Blue Dress is a painting done by oil on canvas, and she has more art, too, featured on the back cover and inside.

Published October 11, 2013
We got these issues in a couple of weeks ago, actually, but they are still totally worth seeing:

Pacifica Literary Review's second issue features a moose at an old drive-in theater, Pacifica Drive-In Theater, to be exact. Cover art is by Andrew Belanger.

Salt Hill's issue 31 features cover art by Hollie Chastain: "Community Chorus" and "Adalyn's Party Trick I."

The Intentional, a brand new print mag, features a sort of connect-the-dots over top of their cover image, but this person isn't quite filled out yet--the perfect imagery for this magazine that aims to "capture the twenty-something experience and explore innovations that might augment quality of life for millennials."
Published September 27, 2013
Take a look at these covers that came in this past week!

What's not to love about this cover of Lumina? I mean, how often do you see a superhero out grocery shopping, much less dropping his bags on the ground? Titled "Shopping," this piece is done with oil on canvas by Andreas Englund.

This issue of The Jabberwock Review made the girl in me go, "ooo, pretty!" I couldn't find the name of the artist who designed or drew this, but it sure is eye-catching!

And as with most covers of Eleven Eleven, I'm not quite sure what to say, not sure if I should be fascinated or grossed-out. The cover art, which wraps to the back of the issue as well, is titled "Dead Sea" by Howie Tsui. 

Published September 13, 2013
Here's the magazine covers that popped out at me this week. We've got a puppy, an eye-tantalizing, geometric design, and a large green hand with pink fingernails. What more could I ask for?

Cleaver Magazine's "Literature & Art Go Back to School" issue. You can read it online for free.

Heavy Feather Review's Volume 2 Number 2, with cover images by Sam Chiver. Available in print subscription or as an e-pub.

New Letters' cover image is by Peggy Noland. See the full image on the back of the issue as well.
Published September 06, 2013
Here, my friends, are some magazines that came in this week whose covers I simply had to share. There's a crying shark in a pink dress, a dead horse and a staring girl, and the Philosophers' Rock in Austin, TX.

Whiskey Island

Camera Obscura

The Cape Rock

Published August 30, 2013
It's a colorful week; here are my picks for this week!

Tin House

West Branch


Published August 15, 2013
Okay so by now it should really be "picks of the month." There haven't been any of these posts in a while, but that's really just because there was a lull where we didn't receive many new issues in the mail. But rest assured; NewPages went on vacation for a week, and I returned to find 2 large bins of litmags! So let me cease my rambling; I present you with my top picks/pics for this week:

New Orleans Review

Green Mountains Review

Cimarron Review

Published July 19, 2013
Wow! I guess last week's litmag covers were well loved by others too; the post was our top viewed post this month. Here are some more for this week:

Booth's print issue number 5 not only contains great content, but it also features the cover art Fillmore by Kevin Cyr.

 Seneca Review's cover is Bulbouscarcinotopia by Mary A. Johnson: red and yellow beet dye, concord grapes, pomegranate, acetone photograph transfer, colored pencil, digitally altered photographs and ink, 2013.

 Notre Dame Review's front cover art is The Storm, oil on canvas, 2011, by Alex Gross.
Published July 12, 2013
Continuing on the with tradition, here are this week's covers that caught my eye from literary magazines that came in this week:

Versal, with the line "A Journal is a Fish," has the cover of a dead fish: "We've never chosen an image that so compellingly captures the work within an issue," writes the editor.

Willow Springs Fall 2013 issue features Madly in Love by Joan Snyder done with oil, acrylic, herbs, fabric on linen, in 2003.

Image's Spring 2013 cover features Anselm Kiefer's Book with Wings, 1992-94, made with lead, tin, and steel.


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