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NewPages Book Stand – October 2021

No tricks this October—just some book treats! Take a look at which titles we’ve featured this month at the Book Stand.

Amanda Paradise by CAConrad is made up of memories of loved ones who died of AIDS, the daily struggle of existing through the pandemic, and the effort to arrive at a new way of falling in love with the world as it is, not as it was.

Ashanti Anderson’s Black Under layers outward perception with internal truth to offer an almost-telescopic examination of the redundancies—and incongruences—of marginalization and hypervisibility.

The short stories in Counterfactual Love Stories & Other Experiments by Jackson Bliss are an exploration of not just mixed-race/hapa identity in Michigan (and the American Midwest), but also of the infinite ways in which stories can be told, challenged, celebrated, and subverted.

In thirteen chapters, Laura Kalpakian’s Memory into Memoir provides a lively guide for anyone looking to wrestle the unruly past onto the page.

Also this month on the Book Stand, find new and forthcoming releases from Diode Editions including Dorothy Chan’s Babe, Shanta Lee Gander’s Ghettoclaustrophobia, and Kendra DeColo & Tyler Mills’ collaborative chapbook, Low Budget Movie.

You can learn more about each of these New & Noteworthy books at our websiteClick here to see how to place your book in our New & Noteworthy section.

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