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Posted November 27, 2018

  • Anthology Posted November 27, 2018

    Bikes Not Rockets: Intersectional Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories, Ed. Elly Blue, Microcosm Publishing

    I Scream Social: A Community of Women Writers June 2015 - May 2017, Ed. Schandra Madha & Annar Verold, Host Publications

    The Night's Magician: Poems About the Moon, Ed. Philip C. Kolin & Sue Brannan Walker, Negative Capability Press

    Visiting Bob: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Bob Dylan, Ed. Thom Tammaro & Alan Davis, New Rivers Press

  • Fiction Posted November 27, 2018

    77, Guillermo Saccomanno, Open Letter

    Beginnings: The Homeward Journey of Donovan Manypenny, Thomas D. Peacock, Holy Cow! Press

    Black Magic Death Sphere: (Science) Fictions, James Brubaker, Urban Farmhouse Press

    Bom Boy, Yewande Omotoso, Catalyst Book Press

    Crackerjack, Peter Church, Catalyst Book Press

    Death to the Bullshit Artists of South Texas, Fernando A. Flores, Host Publications

    Decals, Oliverio Girondo, Open Letter

    Difficult People, Catriona Wright, Nightwood Editions

    Earthly Delights and Other Apocalypses, Jen Julian, Press 53

    Edju, RW Spryszak, Spuyten Duyvil

    Flouride: Stories, Chad Meadows, Tolsun Books

    Ghostographs: An Album, Maria Romasco Moore, Rose Metal Press

    The Golden Havana Night: A Sherlock Homie Mystery, Manuel Ramos, Arte Publico Press

    Great American Desert, Terese Svoboda, Ohio State University Press

    Justice Gone, N. Lombardi Jr, John Hunt Publishing

    Night School: A Reader for Grownups, Zsofia Ban, Open Letter

    Once into the Night, Aurelie Sheehan, FC2 (Fiction Collective 2)

    Please Let Me Help: "Helpful" Letters to the World's Most Wonderful Brands, Zack Sternwalker, Microcosm Publishing

    The Song My Enemies Sing, James Reich, Anti-Oedipus Press

    Temper CA, Paul Skenazy, Miami University Press

    Time Is the Longest Distance, Janet Clare, Vine Leaves Press

  • Nonfiction Posted November 27, 2018

    Five Plots, Erica Trabold, Seneca Review Books

    From Hitler's Germany to Saddam's Iraq: The Enduring False Promise of Preventive War, Scott A. Silverstone, Rowman & Littlefield Pub

    Great Pan is Dead: My Encounters with Coincidence, Eric D. Lehman, Homebound Publications

    Here is Where I Walk: Episodes from a Life in the Forest, Leslie Carol Roberts, University of Nevada Press

    Hurry Down Sunshine, Michael Greenberg, Other Press

    A People's Guide to Publishing, Joe Biel, Microcosm Publishing

    The Perpetual Motion Machine: A Memoir in Essays, Brittany Ackermann, Red Hen Press

    This is Your Brain on Depression: Creating Your Path to Getting Better, Faith G. Harper, Microcosm Publishing

    This One Will Hurt You, Paul Crenshaw, Ohio State University Press

    The Trouble with Men: Reflections on Sex, Love, Marriage, Porn, and Power, David Shields, Ohio State University Press

    Unfuck Your Adulting, Faith G. Harper, Microcosm Publishing

  • Poetry Posted November 27, 2018

    Another Phase, Eloise Klein Healy, Red Hen Press

    Bec & Call, Jenna Lyn Albert, Nightwood Editions

    Bright Stain, Francesca Bell, Red Hen Press

    Disappearing, Inc., Brandon Amico, Gold Wake Press

    Doomstead Days, Brian Teare, Nightboat Books

    Dreamverse, Jinrdich Styrsky, Twisted Spoon Press

    Footnotes, C. Perricone, Dufour Editions

    For Lack of a Calling, Mark DeCarteret, Nixes Mate Books

    The Geography of Jazz, Lenard D. Moore, Mountains and Rivers Press

    Hear Trains, Caroline Knox, Wave Books

    I Wish Francisco Franco Would Love Me, Gloria Mindock, Nixes Mate Books

    Intimations of Ghalib, M. Shahid Alam, Orison Books

    Invasive Species, Marwa Helal, Nightboat Books

    Leopard Lady: A Life in Verse, Valerie Nieman, Press 53

    Lethal Theater, Susannah Nevison, Ohio State University Press

    The Life That I Have, Knute Skinner, Dufour Editions

    Livingry, Gracie Leavitt, Nightboat Books

    Love Three: A Study of a Poem by George Herbert, Aaron Kunin, Wave Books

    Lubbock Electric, Anne Elezabeth Pluto, Nixes Mate Books

    The Owl Was a Baker's Daughter, Gillian Cummings, Center for Literary Publishing

    Past Imperfect, Neil Silberblatt, Nixes Mate Books

    Past Lives, Future Bodies, Kristin Chang, Black Lawrence Press

    Poems for Crones, Roxy Runyan, Ghost City Press

    Roughly for the North, Carrie Ayagaduk Ojanen, University of Alaska Press

    Slapstick, Taylor Liljegren, Nixes Mate Books

    Sleep in a Strange House, Jessica Purdy, Nixes Mate Books

    Snake: Third Book (Hunger Sutras), Gary Lemons, Red Hen Press

    The Stella Poems, Duane Locke, Bitter Oleander Press

    Teeth Never Sleep, Angel Garcia, University of Arkansas Press

    Temptation of Wood, Nancy Byrne Iannucci, Nixes Mate Books

    This Luminous: New and Selected Poems, Allan Peterson, Panhandler Books

    Time's Language: Selected Poems (1959-2018), Margaret Randall, Wings Press

    The Tiniest Muzzle Sings Songs of Freedom, Magdalena Zurawski, Wave Books

    Too Many Questions About Strawberries, Jen Hirt, Tolsun Books

    Totem, America, Debra Kang Dean, Tiger Bark Press

    The Unbnd Verses, Kwame Opoku-Duku, Glass Poetry Press

    Veterans Crisis Hotline, Jon Chopan, University of Massachusetts Press / Bright Leaf

    War Zones, Zvi A. Sesling, Nixes Mate Books

    What Your Hands Have Done, Chris Bailey, Nightwood Editions

    Woods and Clouds Interchangeable, Michael Earl Craig, Wave Books

    The World Began With Yes, Erica Jong, Red Hen Press

    You Cannot Shoot a Poem, Paula Closson Buck, Louisiana State University Press

  • Children's Lit Posted November 27, 2018

    The Amazing Watercolor Fish, El Asombroso Pez Acuarela, Carolyn Dee Flores, Pinata Books

    Growing Up on the Playground, Nuestro patio de recreo, James Luna, Pinata Books

    Just One Itsy Bitsy Little Bite: Solo una mordidita chiquitita, Xavier Garza, Pinata Books

    Vincent Ventura and the Mystery of the Chupacabras: Vincent Ventura y el misterio del chupacabras, Xavier Garza, Pinata Books


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